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There was a time when hiring the right talent was limited. Small and medium-sized businesses only had restricted locations to onboard staff, especially in the field of Information Technology. But, since the concept of IT outsourcing emerged, it has been a game-changer for organizations. Now, you can tap into the global pool of talent to find the best of the best candidates to build amazing software programs.

Many companies are already enjoying the boons of hiring IT outsourcing firms from the South East Asian region, like Singapore. However, the only confusion that has taken birth with the rise of the outsourcing tradition is finding a reliable tech partner. So feel free to read this article to know the 5 steps to select leading IT outsourcing services.

What is IT Outsourcing?

IT outsourcing is a process of hiring external IT professionals to handle your IT-related projects, such as creating software solutions, migrating existing structures to the Cloud, and more.

 It Outsourcing

 Outsourcing IT services helps your business determine the best ways to deal with service providers and maintain healthy working relationships. Moreover, by outsourcing of IT services, you can save money, get highly skilled people to work on your project, and enjoy on-time task completion.

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Example of IT Outsourcing

Suppose your company wants to develop a customized eCommerce platform for the US audience and integrate all the popular payment methods. Additionally, you want the platform to have a user-friendly, non-puzzling interface to maximize user experience. You have the idea, but your company lacks the right resources, such as experienced IT experts, the latest tech stack, and the knowledge to work with the newest programming languages.

It Outsourcing

Hiring new staff with the required background and skills is not only time-consuming but also extremely expensive. Likewise, adding the needed software and hardware in order to build the platform is another expense that’s not budget-friendly.
So, you decide to hire external services to work on your idea from start to end. You Googled a few service providers, read reviews, saw past projects, and found one Singapore IT outsourcing firm more reliable, affordable, and committed.

You contacted the tech vendor, shared your requirements, and settled the terms. The next thing you will be doing is sitting in your office or home and savoring coffee while the IT outsourcing company in Singapore is busy working on your project. From ideation, project management, and designing to MVP, development, and launch, your hired IT outsourcing service will be responsible. Furthermore, this IT service outsourcing company will use its own infrastructure to build a next-level eCommerce platform.

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Therefore, in the same way, you can get IT services outsourcing companies to work on various projects, such as mobile app development, industrial inspection tools, SaaS business from scratch, and more. 

5 Steps to Choose the Best IT Outsourcing in South East Asia

Here are the 5 steps to pick brilliant IT outsourcing companies in Singapore and the rest of South East Asia.

 It Outsourcing

Have Clear Project Requirements

The first step in picking the best IT outsourcing company is to state your project objectives and requirements clearly. Before you begin to evaluate potential outsourcing IT service providers, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of what you desire.
You must know your project scope, such as the specific activities and tasks you want to outsource. Ask yourself if you want IT support outsourcing, web design, eCommerce, data analytics, software development, or a combination of all these from the hired company. Likewise, know your budget and plan the deadline so you can ask IT sourcing Singapore-based firms to deliver the project on time. 

Research IT Outsourcing Services in South East Asia

South East Asia, especially if you are looking for IT outsourcing companies Singapore, offers a wide range of providers. However, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. So, to make a wise decision, you should find partners using search engines like Google, social media, and LinkedIn. Carefully analyze ratings, case studies, and reviews to know their reputation.

Assess Skills and Expertise

After shortlisting potential outsourcing companies, the next step is to evaluate their experience and capabilities. To do that:

  • Review portfolios and analyze their technical skills. See if they have worked on similar projects and have the required expertise.
  • Ask the partner about their testing and quality assurance processes. Make sure they use the industry’s best practices for project management and software development.
  • Scrutinize cultural factors, including time zone, communication, and language, as effective communication is essential for a successful outsourcing partnership.

Examine Contracts and Legal Compliance

This stage involves a deep understanding of the IT outsourcing company Singapore from a legal perspective. Verify that the outsourcing company fulfills all legal regulations. Take time to investigate terms and conditions. Also, define clear service level agreements (SLAs) for your project, including support availability, response time, and performance metrics. Most importantly, discuss data privacy and security measures to safeguard your sensitive information. Ensure the outsourcing partner uses top-class cybersecurity practices. 

Inquire Communication Channels

Some IT companies outsourcing their services don’t focus on building proper ways to communicate with their clients. As a result, it creates plenty of collaboration issues for the clients. So, when hiring a potential outsourcing agency, ask for the communication channels it uses to update you about the project.

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IT outsourcing helps you cost-effectively complete your software development tasks by hiring South East Asian companies. However, it is important to remember that when choosing the best service provider, you must know what you want to build. Once you know that, look for agencies through Google, social media, and professional networking websites. Next, review clients’ testimonials, understand how they communicate, and protect your business information.
At Slash, we have a proven track record of solid outsourcing partnerships with clients all over the world. Our experts understand your requirements and deliver winning solutions on time using Agile methodologies and project management tools. Contact us, share your requirements, and our tech squads will get back to you with impeccable solutions. 

Annisa Icha Setiawati
Annisa Setiawati
Icha’s dedication to the tech industry has led her on a transformative journey from her previous expertise in hospitality. She has developed a strong specialization in people management and development, as well as experimental human resource practices. As a part of the technical recruiter team, Icha successfully helped Slash extend its Indonesia team in 2021 during the start of the digital transformation era. Her love of human connection has enabled her to create a great candidate experience and enhance talent potential while staying true to her principles of diversity, inclusivity, and equity. Her attention to detail and empathy in her work serve her dedication to cultivating a positive workplace culture.
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