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5 Tips to Choose the Best Staffing Agency in Singapore and Other South East Asia

August 24, 2023

A small or medium-sized business that requires an expert software engineer may lack the resources to conduct a national-level search to find the most suitable candidate. But a staffing agency in Singapore can help find the most qualified developers within the country and even in the South East Asian regions.
Likewise, there are many reasons to opt for an employment agency regardless of the size of your company. So, in this article, you will understand what a staffing agency is and the difference between recruiting firms. Moreover, we will reveal the benefits and losses of a staffing agency along with 5 tips to determine whether you’re hiring the right organization to find the most eligible people for your company.

What is Staffing Agency in Singapore?

Recruitment Agency Searching For Job Applicants

A staffing agency in Singapore is a company that helps your business find professional and certified employees. It places them in various positions based on temporary and permanent contracts. You will discover staffing agencies dealing in generalized and specific industries to meet your requirements. For instance, if you want to hire offshore software development services, you can find a reliable tech partner to provide you with excellent IT experts.
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Difference between Recruiting and Staffing Agency in Singapore

02 Staffing Agency In Singapore

Businesses often swap Recruiting and staffing as they think both have the same concept. However, there are several differences between the two of them. 

Key Features of a Recruiting Agency

  • A recruitment agency is focused on permanent placements
  • Serves mid to large-sized businesses
  • Offer services like job posting, candidate screening, interviewing, and selection
  • Charge commission for every successful placement

Key Features of a Staffing Agency

  • Candidates placement on a temporary or contractual basis
  • Serves small businesses, startups, and enterprises with seasonal hiring requirements
  • They are great at job matching, hiring, and taking care of the payroll 
  • Usually charge fees according to the per-hour rate or on mutually decided terms

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Pros and Cons of Staffing Agency in Singapore

Recruit Agent Analyzing Candidates

An agency in Singapore can be of great help to your business. But it is essential to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision. 

Advantages of Staffing Agency in Singapore

a. Quick Hiring

Since the job market has become extremely competitive, having a staffing agency on your side can save you time and money. A good company will screen, interview, and supply the right talent to cater to your needs immediately.

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b. Reduced Responsibilities

A staffing agency has access to a large pool of proficient candidates. This allows them to provide you with an accurate match. Besides, they handle the entire hiring process and are experts in conducting interviews. All these perks help you focus on the core business activities rather than wasting energy on the hiring cycle.

c. Flexibility

Choosing a staffing agency in Singapore helps you promote learner operations, which results in cost reduction. Hiring temporary employees allows your company to have talent whenever they are required. And once the project or contract is complete, you are free to let them go without bearing additional expenses, such as a fixed salary. Moreover, you can rehire the team whenever there’s another task.

d. Ideal Niche Hiring

Letting a job agency Singapore seek talent for your organization permits you to hire niche workers with specialized skills. It is because these firms have the resources, connections, and experience to get you a perfect fit to fill the role. So, for instance, if you’re looking for a Product Owner or Scrum Master, a staffing agency can help you get a qualified person without wasting time.

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e. Low Risk

From the financial and operational point of view, hiring in-house employees can be a big financial risk and may cost you double if someone leaves the job unexpectedly. But when you choose an employment agency Singapore, you don’t have to worry about spending money on the rehiring process. Also, the Singapore agency will take care of legal responsibilities, including labor laws, insurance coverage, taxes, and more. 

Disadvantages of Staffing Agency in Singapore

a. The Hiring Cost

In general, a staffing agency in Singapore charges around a 15% to 25% yearly salary fee. But that’s still less than hiring an in-house team, as one research reveals that hiring a single in-house employee costs more than 50%.

b. Gap in the Organizational Culture

Since the hired candidates through the staffing agencies are not part of your organization, they might take time to adjust to your office culture. However, finding a great outsource software development company can mitigate this problem. Because the candidates are trained and well-experienced to merge with your company’s internal culture as they undergo a strict vetting process. 

c. Reduced Familiarity

Compared to in-house hiring, candidates from staffing agencies only know the people they work with. This factor makes them unfamiliar with the rest of the team and departments, which can cause a loose team bonding. Plus, the behavior of the permanent in-house employees may not be collaborative towards the staffed candidates in contrast to the permanent workforce. 

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Staffing Agency in Singapore

Best Employees Rating

These 5 tips will let you hire a reputable staffing agency in Singapore.

1. Evaluate the Right Agency

Pick the right company before relying on a staffing agency to provide expert employees. Strive to work with a reputable organization with verified credentials and referenced-checked employees.
Meet your potential staffing agency in Singapore and evaluate their process to analyze if it’s really going to add value to your organization. Also, check the company’s reviews from trusted websites and former clients before signing any contract.

2. Keep Your Requirements Clear

You can’t expect a staffing agency to help you provide genuine talent if you cannot communicate your requirements. You must be specific about the role and job description and discuss the availability and culture to hire a professional, especially if you are looking for an employment agency Singapore for foreigners.
After sharing all these details, let the staffing company find the most suitable match that fits your requirements. If you have changed your preferences, update the agency so it can adjust its screening parameters accordingly. 

3. Work with Client-Oriented Agencies

A client-oriented staffing agency understands your business goals. It will pay attention to your requirements and culture, allowing the firm to get an accurate workforce. Additionally, a client-oriented company will always represent you in the best way possible to attract well-skilled employees. Moreover, it will also negotiate and persuade a qualified candidate to pick your company to work in case there’s a counteroffer for them. 

4. Review the Legal Aspects

Ensure the staffing agency handles the payroll taxes and worker classification from its end. Remember, for temporary roles, your staffing firm is officially liable to pay taxes. Therefore, confirm that the workers you will be using are employees of the recruitment agency Singapore instead of independent contractors. Also, review the contract multiple times to ensure there are indemnification clauses to provide legal protection in case of any issue.

5. Select Agile Staffing Over Traditional Agencies

Lastly, choose a staffing agency in Singapore that uses Agile principles to fulfill your staffing needs. Such agencies have a wide network of talented professionals available on short notice. Furthermore, they provide staffing services at a reasonable cost than most traditional companies.

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A staffing agency in Singapore can be advantageous for your company in many ways. You can hire top talent quickly without worrying about getting involved in extreme paperwork. A head hunter Singapore also saves you from spending a fortune on salaries, taxes, infrastructure, and other employee benefits.
At Slash, we have experienced engineers based in Singapore and worldwide who are glad to provide services for short-term and long-term projects. Our developers are experts in various programming technologies and languages with a proven track record. Contact us to hire your next remote team of brilliant software programmers to build successful digital products. 

FAQs – Staffing Agency in Singapore

Q1. What is a staffing agency?

A staffing agency is an organization that helps meet employers with job seekers.

Q2. What is EA in Singapore?

EA stands for an employment agency in Singapore. 

Q3. How many recruitment agencies are there in Singapore?

According to Randstad, the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore has more than 1000 approved employment agencies. 

Q4. How do I know if an employment agency is legit in Singapore?

A legit staffing agency in Singapore will have a valid license from the Ministry of Manpower.

Q5. How much do employment agencies charge in Singapore?

An employment agency in Singapore typically charges 15 to 25% of the candidate’s yearly salary. 

Q6. How do I know if my local manpower agency is legit?

If the local manpower agency is registered with the Ministry of Manpower, it means the company is legit.

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