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The growing demand for digitalization has made businesses think of developing high-quality software products to meet customers’ needs. But since development is full of challenges, it is necessary to have experts in different domains to make the process smooth. For example, a developer writes high-quality codes, and the designer must ensure a high user experience. And likewise, a quality tester identifies and eliminates bugs in the program to add the ‘ease-of-use’ factor to the solution.
And when everyone plays their part, it converts the workforce into a solid dedicated software development team. So in this article, we will unlock the 5 secrets to build a world-class software team. 

What does dedicated team mean?

A dedicated software development team consists of remote experts that you hire to build, design, and maintain software solutions

01 Dedicated Software Development Team

. It is a business model that allows a strategic partnership between a tech partner and your business. This relationship is usually a long-term collaboration between the software providers and clients.

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So when you hire dedicated development team, it is usually comprised of the following roles:

  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • QA testers
  • UX/UI designers
  • Full-stack developers
  • Back-end developers
  • Front-end developers

The advantages of a dedicated software development that builds fast

When you choose dedicated developers or a dedicated IT team, you enjoy various benefits, such as:

  • Access to more tech talent : Opting for the right software development company for onboarding dedicated teams means hassle-free hiring of the right source. A good service provider gives you instant access to its cream of experts and well-skilled software engineers. This allows you to fill the gap with the talent you require for a particular project. 
  • Availability of the latest tech stack : Not every business is equipped with the latest software and hardware technologies needed to develop the product. So, instead of spending a fortune on infrastructure, it is ideal to choose dedicated teams. Why? Because they already have the up-to-date tools and all they need to turn on their computers to start working on your tasks. 
  • Low operation cost : In-house teams are expensive because they rely on your provision of technical sources. Besides, you become responsible for paying fixed salaries and offering them perks, which can burden your cash flow. Contrarily, having a dedicated software development team frees you from such promises. The payroll becomes the vow of the service provider, which they have to fulfill. 
  • More focus on achieving business goals : When the development is under the supervision of dedicated teams, you feel free to focus on core business operations to achieve goals. Moreover, the reduced operation cost lets you invest in other necessary fields of your company, such as marketing and business development. 
  • Commitment and concern : Hiring a dedicated team of experts knows the true meaning of what is dedication. That is why they deliver promising work and understand your goal.

5 Secret recipes to build a brilliant dedicated software development team

Here are the 5 ingredients to make a robust dedicated software development team

02 Dedicated Software Development Team

Gathering requirements

This is the first step to hiring a dedicated developer or a software development team. You must brainstorm to collect particular requirements, including job and project descriptions and the required workflow.
Similarly, you must discuss the team size you need with the offshore development company. All this information is essential to help your outsourcing company find the most suitable experts and choose development models like Scrum vs. Spotify.

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Find a vendor to form a team

A software company that provides a dedicated development team often gives you two options for choosing the right people. First, you can select the team from the number of profiles they share with you.
Second, you can let the firm pick the best technical talent according to your requirements. However, in both cases, some companies may provide you with the ideal human resource within 48 hours up to a week. 

Choose the best talent

Imagine you have a list of individuals who match your desired skills but are unsure what expertise to look for and how to evaluate the talent. If that’s how you take things, you will lose your time. The best way to handle this situation is o know how to hire remote software engineers to savor all the perks.

You can start the evaluation process by interviewing the potential candidates. It can be a 30-minute Zoom meeting or a quick voice call. Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions related to their past experiences and challenges they overcame at previous projects. This will help you learn about their technical skills, soft skills, language level, and work background.
Besides, you can also make some short imaginary scenarios and let the developers, designers, or QA testers solve them. In this way, you will be able to acquire proficient experts to include in dedicated software development teams. 

Transfer your knowledge about your project

Once you have selected the dedicated group of individuals, you must transfer the necessary information and share your business goals with the team. For instance, you can discuss the deadline for software development solutions.
In the same way, you can discuss your preferred development methodology, such as Agile and more. All these actions are necessary to build confident dedicated development teams.

Provide feedback

Lastly, you must give your dedicated software development team regular feedback about the progress. It will help improve their performance and stay on track. However, try to offer constructive feedback in a great way. On the other hand, you should never forget to celebrate your dedicated development team’s achievements because it will make them dedicated to work.


To build a top-notch dedicated software development team, you should understand and explain your requirements to the software company. Moreover, it is vital to screen the candidates provided by the software house and select the best members to form a team. Once you have made a team, let them know your targets and goals so they can develop software solutions as you desire. Additionally, ensure giving your constructive feedback and celebrate the success.

At Slash, we help our clients by providing top-drawer software talent. Our dedicated teams are assembled with skilled and experienced engineers, designers, and managers who have years of experience in developing remarkable solutions. Contact us to get a highly-matched tech squad according to your needs.


FAQs – dedicated software development team

Which is the key characteristic of the dedicated project team structure?
Physical separation of the entire development team from its employer is a key characteristic of a dedicated project structure. 

Why do you need a dedicated development team?
Through a dedicated development team, you can enjoy low-cost development. You can easily upscale or downscale the team members, depending on your requirements. 

How do I choose a dedicated development team?
Always look for experienced and skilled developers and designers. Also, ensure the team has a leader or a project manager to take the reins of your product development journey.

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