Marc Gamet

Creating a successful digital product isn’t easy. Often, designers get too excited and add too many features, making the final product complicated. In his upcoming book, “Core Unit of Value: The Path to Designing Digital Masterpieces,” Marc Gamet talks about these common issues. He introduces the Core Unit of Value (CUV), a concept that makes product design simpler and helps make products that really meet users’ needs.

In the fast-paced world of making digital products, going from an idea to the final product is tricky. People who come up with new ideas often jump straight into thinking about features. This excitement leads to a long list of things the product should do, which makes it too complex. When teams try to make these features work, hiring designers to plan how users will use the product, the final product ends up being confusing and not valued by users.

This book talks about the big mistakes people make when making digital products and asks them to think differently about how they do it. The key idea is the Core Unit of Value (CUV), something the author has learned about over many years of designing products. The book shows how focusing on the CUV not only makes designing easier but also makes products that users really like and understand.

The book has ten chapters that explain the Core Unit of Value (CUV) concept in detail. It starts by explaining what a CUV really means. Then, it looks at lots of successful digital products and how they use their Core Units of Value.

As you read on, you’ll learn how to find potential CUVs for your own products and pick the ones that help you reach your goals best. You’ll also learn how to make these CUVs even better by adding qualities like empathy, relevance, and anticipation. This makes your product even more valuable and impactful in the market.

The author wants readers to use the Core Unit of Value to change how they make digital products. Whether you’re from a small startup or a big digital company, this book gives you the knowledge to make better digital experiences.

This book isn’t just about pointing out problems; it’s a guide to doing things better. With each chapter, designers and entrepreneurs will learn how to turn their ideas into digital products that not only work but also really connect with users.

While we wait for the book to come out, think about your own design process. How could focusing on the Core Unit of Value change the way you make digital products?

Keep an eye out for more updates and ideas on how simplifying the core of your product can make it truly great.

Marc Gamet
Marc Gamet
Marc cofounded the company in 2016 as a technology and delivery partner. He has built Slash operations from the ground up after spending over six years working in a variety of software development lead roles. Marc’s unique tech acumen has allowed him to develop a client focused approach starting with business development and moving through development, product design and the full product lifecycle. He believes his main contribution to the world of digital products is in his ability to understand, strategize and design elegant, simple, feasible solutions that maximize their chances of success. There is a time for everything, prioritizing is key!
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