The co-founder and economics professor at Stanford University, Nicholas Bloom, predicts that the remote work practice will increase to 35% by 2027 in the US alone. In comparison, Forbes estimates that 70% of employees will work remotely by 2025. These percentages signify how rapidly organizations are accepting the new work mode, especially in the IT sector.

So, in this article, you will learn why you should hire remote software engineers. Where to find and how to recruit the best people from the long list.

5 benefits of hiring remote software engineers

Are you wondering about the benefits you can savor when you hire remote software engineers? Here are the top five comforts:

Access to a large pool of talent

As soon as you decide to hire remote software engineers, you are already halfway there, picking the best talent for your projects. You are not bound to a particular city or country to onboard smart, intelligent, and expert developers.

In fact, you can explore the entire world looking for supreme talent who can help you achieve organizational goals. Since remote opportunities are always attractive, you can find developers with diverse skill sets and extraordinary technical expertise.

Low infrastructure cost

Did you know the average rent of an office in San Francisco can cost you around $92 per square ft.? At the same time, the average salary of a single software engineer could be as much as $112,000 per year. Then include the project manager, UI/UX designers, and QA specialist salaries.

That means the total expense of staying with the in-house work model is around $225,000. Oh! And don’t forget to count the furniture, hardware and software expenses and taxes.

Contrarily, when you hire remote software engineers, your company can save thousands of dollars. You don’t have to worry about paying expensive salaries or equipment. Therefore, hiring remote software developers is much more cost-saving than traditional ones.

More work flexibility

One of the greatest advantages of hiring a remote team is its flexibility. You can hire remote software engineers whenever you desire to expand your team. Likewise, hiring a remote development company can help your organization meet the dynamic project requirements.

Besides, you can share your schedule with remote employees, and they can manage completing tasks despite living in different time zones. On the other hand, hiring a fully remote development organization will assure delivering your projects on time.

Continuous delivery

When the entire world was shut down amid the coronavirus outbreak, remote developers played their part by building desktop, web and mobile applications. So when you hire remote software engineers, you actually pandemic-immune your company. Your organization can produce and deliver high-quality solutions without facing global barriers.

Early adoption of future work practice

Experts firmly believe that remote work is the future of business. By hiring remote programmers, you will be adding the greatest assets to work for your organization in the present and future. And when the practice becomes mainstream, you will already have the leading remote development company providing you with development services.

The step-by-step process to hire remote software engineers

Where the right team or individual can help you attain your business targets, the wrong ones can pull you back from the competition. So, to make sure there’s no stone left unturned when you hire remote software engineers, here’s an essential step-by-step hiring guide.

Phase 1: concerns, hiring model, and hiring locations

Understand your requirements

Before you hire remote software engineers, you must know the purpose of recruiting them. You should identify your project requirements and know the platforms you plan to run your application. The best way to outline your concerns is as follows:

  • Analyze your product’s features and target audience
  • Determine problems and list down possible solutions
  • Scrutinize programming languages, or seek recommendations from software development companies to opt for the best technologies and frameworks

Ideally, you should look for backend, frontend, iOS and Android developers to hire software developer.

Pick the best hiring model

Do your homework on the available hiring possibilities. You can hire remote software engineers by following any one of the options:


Freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr can help you contact thousands of software developers. However, freelancing platforms charge a high percentage for their services. Plus, freelance programmers are mostly busy on multiple projects, so you can’t rely on them with deliveries.


In-house is a traditional way, but it is extremely expensive, and you also meet limited talent. So unless you’re happy with spending a fortune, it’s a “non-recommended” option.

Staff augmentation

Staff augmentation is the most suitable choice when hiring remote software engineers. You can remotely hire individuals or a proper team of developers who can help you with your ongoing and new projects right from scratch. It is the least expensive remote recruitment model, as you don’t have to pay for the equipment, office space, or anything else. The remote teams use their own tech stack to develop leading digital products.

Choose hiring location wisely

If you want to hire remote software engineers, it is wise to look for candidates living in a different country. However, the recruitment process demands your full attention and time. That is why organizations prefer hiring remote software development companies, as they provide them with every source they need to complete projects.

Some of the prominent remote destinations are:

  • Ukraine: Highly-skilled and university-graduate software engineers with an average per-hour rate of $37 compared to the US market.
  • Poland: Experienced programmers with competitive rates of around $40 per hour. 
  • Argentina: Robust IT industry supported by the government with an average per-hour price of $55.
  • India: Average $30 per hour but plenty of challenges when dealing with Indian outsourcing companies, such as bad communication, lack of attention, and low work ethics.

At Slash, we only recruit top-notch and experienced remote software engineers with a high academic background after a solid vetting process. We use automated tech assessment tools and applicant tracking systems (ATS) to find excellent programmers. We test the interpersonal and development skills by assigning each member a specific task for 2 weeks to assure they are the best fit for your company.

Our remote development teams are expanded throughout Indonesia, Armenia, and Cambodia. While hiring remote engineers from other locations could be expensive, you will find our charges lower even from the most inexpensive hiring destinations. Slash remote developers possess all the attributes to help you build robust desktop and mobile-friendly applications.

Phase 2: consistent hiring process – PeopleOps

Have a clear picture of an ideal remote developer

Before starting, make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for in a remote software engineer. This will help you make a checklist of the qualities you are searching for in the interested person.

Screen candidates

If you have found the right talent, don’t rush to the final step before the first screening session. To do that, get the person on a video call and try to keep that session active for at least 30 minutes. At this stage, pay attention to analyzing their communication skills. You should also determine whether or not the candidate can add value to your business and can manage time and produce results.

Setup a tech interview

Next, start interviewing the candidate with field-related questions. Ask them about their familiarity with frontend and backend technologies. Moreover, engage them in practical tasks to evaluate their practical skills.  Remember, a technical interview will reveal everything about the person’s experience.

Make an offer

Since you are looking for remote software engineers, you should show genuine excitement to the successful candidate. Give a reasonable offer and be open to negotiation. Once you both agree on certain terms, start coordinating.

Why choose Slash ?

Slash understands your entrepreneurial mindset and takes steps accordingly.

Hire Remote Software Engineers

When you choose our company to provide next-level software engineers remotely, we guarantee:

  • Provision of a positive, energetic, and experienced workforce – Yes! We take weekly Friday sessions and meetings to boost the communication and technical skills of our staff
  • Competitive pricing for an extraordinary genius and team player, as we prefer quality over cost
  • Successful project completion by following DevOps and agile practices for test-driven development
  • Availability of our remote engineers as per European, Asian, and US time zones
  • Complete professional environment to enhance your collaboration with our teams 


When you plan to hire remote software engineers, you can choose the best candidates from the global talent. Remote developers are also less costly compared to in-house programmers. Moreover, you can continue your development operations despite external obstacles like pandemics.

However, you should follow the correct methods to hire remote developers, or you will waste your resources. Therefore, the perfect and inexpensive way to hire remote engineers is by opting for a proficient software development organization that provides you with experienced developers.  

Maria Agustin
Maria Agustin
People Operations
Maria Agustin is the Head of People Operations at Slash. She’s also the Co-founder of Pratisara Bumi Foundation, which runs leadership and entrepreneurship education programs in Indonesia. Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, she’s worked in social innovation, startups and economic empowerment. In 2016, she started managing one of the top coworking spaces in Asia, and that’s when she began to focus on location-independent entrepreneur community building from around the world, the future of work culture, and people. She’s a community leader for one of the world’s well-known venture capitals, Techstars, in Asia Pacific and she has organised Startup Weekend Bali six times; as well, she is a design sprint facilitator at 1000 Startup Digital Indonesia.
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