A solution architect is a person with technical expertise in the design and administration domain. They play a vital role in delivering solutions to complex business issues. But what is this position really about? And what are the qualities a person must possess to qualify for this job? This article will help you know what is a solutions architect and what they are required to do to solve problems. At the end of your read, you will also gain knowledge of onboarding the right talent for your company to fill this position gracefully. You will also explore answers to some of the most asked questions about solution architects.

What is a solution architect?

A solution architect is an expert person who builds systems and programs that are connected with the current infrastructure to fulfill the company’s short and long-term goals. These professionals, mostly belonging to the middle or upper management tier, collaborate with development teams to design and implement solutions by crafting software programs.

 Solution Architect

Moreover, the role of a solutions architect is to build a strong bond between the customers and the organization by providing top-notch technical solutions. A solutions architect’s salary is usually high due to the nature of the job. 

5 things a solution architect do

What does a solutions architect do? Here are the 5 five things of their routine job.

 Solution Architect


Implementing solutions

Solution architects work closely with stakeholders to understand what they want. Then, they build a blueprint for a technical solution and implement it to meet their needs. This process involves incorporating existing systems, designing a new one, or migrating the current system to the cloud. 

Ensuring scalable and secure solutions

One of the important tasks for a solution architect is to make sure the solutions they propose are reliable, scalable, and secure. Solution architects have to take into account these factors when crafting and implementing solutions. They must ensure the solutions they are building can handle high demand and can withstand system failures. Plus, they must create solutions that guarantee the data protection of the business and cease any unauthorized access. 

Managing projects and collaboration

A solution architect must communicate effectively with all the stakeholders, including technical teams, project managers, business owners, and more. They are responsible for conveying complex problems to everyone on the team clearly and precisely. Plus, they are required to ensure project completion on time and within the budget.

Keeping knowledge of the latest tech trends

A solution architect is a person who cannot avoid the latest happenings in the tech industry; otherwise, they won’t be able to propose a modern solution. Therefore, solution architects always stay up-to-date on the newest technologies and trends to design and execute the best solutions for their company. So, it becomes their habit to read industry publications, enroll in new courses, and attend seminars.

Working with the development teams

As established earlier, solutions architects not only design but also implement solutions. For that reason, they work with the company’s development teams to carry on with the implementation process. They provide support and guidance to the team regarding clean codes and systems.

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How to choose the best solution architect for your company?

Whether you are building a SaaS product using Agile methodology or creating a web application, a solution architect helps mitigate all the risks. So, before picking the right person, consider these 5 factors.

Solution Architect

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Industry experience

A solution architect you are choosing for the company must have experience related to your industry. This is the first step to finding the right person for the job. They must understand the specific technologies your business is using and must be excited to learn all the upcoming ones. 

Solution architect certification

The next factor is qualification and certification. While it is not necessary to have a computer science educational background, it is still a plus point. But, most importantly, the potential solution architect must have recognized certifications, such as:

  • Amazon Web Services certification (AWS
  • Azure Solution Architect certification
  • ITIL certification

Analytical skills

A solution architect must be able to read between the lines. They must be able to comprehend the meaning of data and research and draw conclusions to make a solid software program. They must be ready to understand the upcoming technologies and ways to implement them to develop viable solutions. A great solution architect must develop such analytical skills, as they help find the best solutions for your company’s success. 

Project management skills

Solution architects are responsible for numerous important tasks in an organization. Therefore, they must have project management skills to manage time and resources efficiently. At the same time, they must be able to make the right decisions in order to keep the project on the right track. 

A good solution architect must:

  • Keep realistic deadlines
  • Know how to organize and prioritize tasks
  • Learn from mistakes and improve project management qualities over time

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Communication skills

A solution architect must understand what stakeholders want from the project, and therefore, they must work together with the development team. This means they must be able to talk to the tech partner and the rest of the involved departments since the architect needs to convey the information.
A solution architect must have the following communication qualities:

  • Observant
  • Able to communicate clearly
  • Knows how to convey ideas 

Additional criteria to find the right solution architect

Here are a few bonus points to consider when finding a brilliant solution architect for your company.

Solution Architect


  • Must be adaptable to changing technologies
  • The person must be able to work with teams and independently
  • They should be able to manage different projects simultaneously
  • Meeting deadlines and building solutions in the given budget should be their top priority


A solution architect helps organizations transform their systems according to the changing technologies. The person in this position is responsible for several tasks, including project management, building scalable solutions, and implementing them. Therefore, when looking for a perfect candidate to fulfill this role, ensure they are experienced, certified, and possess analytical, project management, and communication skills.

At Slash, we help businesses build systems that compete with the latest technological demands. Our expert solution architects are well-skilled and well-experienced to help you create reliable digital products to satisfy stakeholders and customers. Contact us to transform your ideas into workable solutions right away. 


Is solution architect an IT role? Yes, a solution architect is an important IT role.

Is solution architect a difficult job? The solution architect is a challenging position as the person needs to have a strong understanding of business and technical aspects. 

How does one become a solution architect? A solution architect holds a combination of relevant experience, certifications, and education, along with strong communication, technical, analytical, and project management skills. 

Is solution architect a senior role? A solution architect is indeed a senior role in the IT industry.

Is a solution architect equivalent to a manager? Although a solution architect is required to fulfill decision-making and leadership responsibilities, the position is not equivalent to a manager. 

Is solution architect a stressful job? Since a solution architect needs to manage complex projects and ensure attaining business goals, it can be a stressful duty most of the time.

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