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Slash is the 2021 Clutch Top Development Company in Singapore

December 1, 2021

Even the best innovators need people to support them through the most difficult parts of their growth. That’s why since 2016, Slash has been building dedicated remote teams for companies that need the extra push to get where they need to be in their respective industries.

Now our clients are paying us back by giving us a push of their own. Thanks to the high quality reviews they’ve been writing about us, we’ve just been named as the Top Development Company in Singapore for 2021 by Clutch.


For those unfamiliar with Clutch, they’re an independent online review and rating platform that caters primarily to the B2B industry. They stand out from the other sites because of their unique verification system. This allows their published reviews to be more credible for companies looking for reliable vendors.


The fact that the 2021 research done by Clutch puts us among the industry’s best is a reflection of our team’s hardwork and the trust clients put into us. Our partners are what put us over the top and we want to let them know how much we appreciate them for it. In fact, here’s what our CEO had to say about the news when we first received the confirmation email from Clutch.

“Clients come to us because we deliver a boutique tech studio experience, share their dream, and are serial venture builders with deep tech craftsmen. We are grateful for the recognition from Clutch and our clients’ trust.” – Andries De Vos, CEO of Slash.

We appreciate everyone that made this award happen for us and we want to keep the good times rolling. If we piqued your interest about what we do, you can learn more about the services we offer on our website. You can also talk to us directly and we can begin discussing what we can do together.

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