In the continuous technological advance, it’s vital to move along with the progress and approach it with both experience and ability to learn quickly. It’s not just about new technologies – new methodologies emerge, changing the way we work. These requirements of the modern world shape the modern team: experienced, good at calculating risks, but also eager to learn new things and add more and more fields of expertise to the portfolio.

We at Slash work with an entire mosaic of technologies. Our projects include both web and mobile development, database management (DB), artificial intelligence (AI) and data engineering, geographic information systems (GIS), and game development with Unity.

Our network of partners features industry names such as AWS, R3 Corda, Google Cloud/Azure Cloud, QGIS,,

For us, learning new tech fast and continuously staying up-to-date with the latest trends is both a priority and an accomplishment we pride ourselves on.

Our team

The Slash team is composed of experts with solid experience: the average seniority of our software engineering team is around 9 years. This gives us a wide spectrum of experiences in software, cloud and hardware that enables us to work with a diverse range of technologies.

We rarely shy away from a technical challenge. Many of our engineers joined us for the challenge of learning new technologies and developing interesting solutions.

Our abilities

Here is a brief overview of our core abilities.

Technical Competencies

Technical competencies

  • Headless, Ecom & CMS/ (, WordPress,
  • Mobile (iOS Swift, Android Java, Android Kotlin, Flutter, React Native)
  • Testing (Agile Testing with Acceptance Criteria, Test Driven Development , Unit Testing, Test Plans with Scenarios/Signoff/Traceability, End-to-End Testing Platforms like Selenium & Cypress, Appium,, Emulators, Mobile Device Farms, API testing, Performance Load Testing with ApacheJMeter, Zephyr, RedMine, MantisBT)
  • Cloud Computing (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, DevOps automation, Docker, Kubernetes, etc)
  • System Integration and Middlewares (Apache, Nginx, etc)
  • Web Frontend (ReactJS, VueJS, Angular, Javascript, PHP, etc), micro frontends
  • Backend (Java, Python, NodeJS, .NET, PHP, C#, C++, etc)
  • Data Engineering (MongoDB, MySQL, Kafka, DynamoDB, SimpleDB, RDS, PostgreSQL, Google Cloud BigQuery, CouchDB, Cassandra DB, HazelCast)
  • Privacy & IT Compliance (pass external penetration tests, ISO 27001, GDPR & PDPA compliance)
  • Gaming (Unity development, animations)
  • AR/VR, including AWS Sumerian for 3D avatars
  • Agile practices (inc LeSS)
  • Technical system audits and rescue missions
  • Legacy Migration of Databases, Infrastructure

Next gen tech

  • Blockchain Development on different protocols (Solidity, R3 Corda, Solana, Polygon), for trading, custom currency, tokenization, DeFi, STO, custom blockchain development.
  • AI Development for Natural Language Processing (text to voice, voice to text, chatbots), Big Data – Predictive Analytics, Computer Vision
  • IoT and Embedded Hardware: smart devices, RFID, IoT firmware integration, IoT cloud services
  • GIS Development: QGIS, ArcGIS, geospatial data processing, GIS cloud infrastructure, custom online GIS interfaces, remote sensing data

Awards, certifications, partners

  • Clutch Reviews
  • ASEAN RICE Awards for best AI app in Cambodia
  • AWS Technology Partner
  • R3 Corda Solution Architects
  • Google Cloud Partner

Award Banner

Byron Matthiopoulos
Byron Matthiopoulos
Managing Director
Byron Matthiopoulos joined as a Product Owner in 2018, shortly after moving to Cambodia, to help lead one of the biggest projects of the start-up at the time. His background as medical researcher, journalist & advertising photographer and diverse skills have provided a solid foundation for the complexities of the field of product building. His ability to assimilate multiple sources of data into a coherent vision allowed him to successfully run a number of exciting projects over the years. The diversity and complexity of his tasks since he joined Slash had perfectly positioned him to take over the role of Head of Product. He is now leading the ideation, design and creation of new and exciting products through user-centric digital innovation.
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