Things You Need to Know about Software Project Management [5 Best Tools Included]

To efficiently build a digital product, reliable development companies use a software project approach to manage the entire process. However, many minds consider it similar to project management. But is this method different from a streamlined project management system? This article will shed light on this matter comprehensively. 

What is meant by software project?

When a company make efforts to develop software through proper planning and complete focus, it is said to be a software project. In other words, a software project is a rational process of managing and building a complete software solution.

01 Software Project
It includes steps from market research and ideation to testing and product launch. In this progress, there could be steps too for version updates and post-launch maintenance based on customer feedback.
When you choose an excellent tech partner for a successful software project, they ensure assigning responsibilities to different roles, such as:

  • Project manager
  • Product designers
  • Product owner
  • Lead developer
  • Software engineers
  • Quality Assurance team

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Example of a software project

Let’s assume a software development company received a project to build a digital product. The company assigned the task to its best project manager, who began to determine the project scope. Next, the manager assigns the project to the team, which may include lead developers, senior software engineers, technical writers, and QA experts.

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A project manager will use Agile frameworks like Scrum to identify which tasks should be handed over to which departments. Likewise, they will pick a software management tool to complete the project. And with their experience, the project manager will use resource allocation in software project management to
Together they will make sure to develop the software project within a budget. In the meantime, the project manager will use the best ways for resource allocation in software project management. This will ensure that the team is given all the required resources to research, ideate, develop, test, and deploy the solution.

4 types of platforms for managing a software project

Depending on the nature of the business, there are different categories of project management software. For instance, project management software for architects differs from manufacturing project management software.
Therefore, you must choose the correct program type to manage a software project. There are mainly four kinds of project management software. 

Individual software project management

The ‘individual’ project management software is usually based on using a single application. For example, using spreadsheets to manage the entire software project. In this scenario, the project manager may install an individual program and give a selected team of developers access to run errands. 

Collaborative software project management

The ‘collaborative’ project management includes the presence of stakeholders, who also have access to the information related to the software project. Since a collaborative platform is easily customizable, it can help reduce conflict.
But this type of project management software may not match organizations that simultaneously require access to the information. Although it is made for collaboration, there is no centralized dashboard in this type of project management program. And because stakeholders have full authority to manipulate data, their unintentional mistakes can disrupt the entire software project for the development teams. 

Integrated software project management 

Integrated software project management is a platform for managing software projects where stakeholders and developers can concurrently see the information. The data in this environment can be found in a mainframe, permitting both parties to access data at the same time.
Besides, there is a centralized dashboard where all the information and data are integrated and accessible. Any changes made by any member can be determined and analyzed, which minimizes the chances of losing valuable information. You can also restrict users from accessing the data to prevent it from landing in the wrong hands. 

Cloud-based software project management

Software project management apps that store data and information regarding software project in the cloud falls into this category. One of the benefits of selecting this type of platform is quick access from anywhere through the internet. Additionally, a cloud-based management environment is easily customizable according to your needs. 

5 best tools for software project management

There are various management solutions, but most require proper software project management training. So we thought of sharing a few popular systems that don’t need any special software project management degree. And are easily understandable after a few moments of practice. So, here are the 5 most renowned management tools for a software project.

02 Software Project


Trello allows you to manage software projects using visual aids. It permits development teams to take on project tasks through dashboards, making tracking easier from start to end. Trello helps you:

  • File and image sharing
  • Build an extensive task list
  • Manage tasks using cardboard
  • Visually sharing ideas with other team members
  • Creates personalized scrum and kanban boards hassle-free


Jira is a robust cross-platform project and issue tracking solution, best for managing a software project by agile teams. It also supports agile methodologies, like kanban and scrum. A few great features of Jira are:

  • Spring planning
  • User stories creation
  • Task performance tracking
  • Task prioritizing and distribution
  • Customized scrum and kanban boards

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Asana is a popular tool for managing software projects for small teams. It lets you know what all team members are up to and their expected delivery time. It is best for:

  • Posting comments under each task
  • Sending reminders for task completion 
  • Description creation and setting deadlines
  • Creating and following different projects, tasks, sections, and more


This software project management tool has a simple and user-friendly interface for rapid communication between stakeholders, customers, and teammates. With Basecamp, you can:

  • Make to-do lists
  • Schedule deadlines
  • Share and manage files
  • Report project’s progress
  • Get performance records
  • Create discussions threads

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based software project management program known for its valuable features, such as:

  • Bug tracking
  • Project feeds
  • Social media communication 
  • Integration with various tools, including Google Apps
  • Task tracking and management through Gantt Charts


A software project focuses on planning, administering, and completing the software development process. The development team uses various software project management types and tools to aid the procedure to ensure on-time delivery.
At Slash, we handle software projects with the latest technology stack. Our senior developers are skilled at using all the professional project management tools to deliver stellar digital products on time. Contact us to hire our proficient tech squad for all your software development needs.


FAQs – Software project management

What do you mean by software project? Software project defines the complete process of building software from planning to launching. 

What are some software projects? Some renowned software project tools are Trello, Jira, and Asana.

How can I make a software project? You can do a successful software project by choosing the right project management tools.

What are the 2 types of software project platforms? The two widely used software project types are integrated and cloud-based.


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