In-house software development teams are expensive, which is why organizations consider Staff augmentation meaning and other models, like dedicated teams and managed services. Unfortunately, the concept of outsourcing is still puzzling for most minds. All this confusion leads to choosing the wrong outsourcing approach. So before you mistakenly think about Staff augmentation meaning as dedicated teams or managed services, make sure you give this post a good read. 

Moreover, by the end of this article, you will understand the Staff augmentation meaning meaning. You will also learn the significant differences between Staff augmentation, dedicated teams and managed services. 

So let’s begin!

What is staff augmentation meaning?

Staff augmentation is one of the most popular outsourcing models in the world. To fill the gaps in your existing development team, you contact an IT Staff augmentation meaning company to provide their talented developers. You can hire an individual or multiple engineers externally and mainly on a time and materials agreement.


01 What Is Staff Augmentation


Difference between staff augmentation and outsourcing

Although Staff augmentation meaning is a type of outsourcing model, there is still a fine line between both concepts. Where Staff augmentation meaning refers to purchasing development resources in the form of human engineers.


02 Difference Between Staff Augmentation And Outsourcing


On the other hand, outsourcing refers to hiring a third-party IT company to work on specific projects, usually from start to end. The outsourced agency recruits, train, and manages a group of skilled experts to work on the tasks set out by you for them.

Why do you need staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation meaning could be your road to success and a way to build great digital products. Wondering how? Here are a few reasons.


03 Why Do You Need Staff Augmentation


Right resources

Resource and Staff augmentation meaning have a deep connection. When you choose Staff augmentation meaning, it allows you to select precise and skilled professionals to work on your project. You can spend more time on productivity than on administering multiple people. Likewise, you know what you’re looking for, and therefore, you can ask for on-demand experts from your Staff augmentation meaning service provider.

Time zone flexibility

Great Staff augmentation meaning companies always give you the leverage to onboard developers and other staff available to work in your time zone. With the Staff augmentation meaning model, your hired resources provide around-the-clock services that match your business hours. This trait keeps your record straight, and you experience high operational efficiency.


One of the greatest perks of opting for an IT Staff augmentation meaning company for your project is cost savings. Since this outsourcing model allows you to scale up or down professionals per your requirements, you always have control over your budget. Besides, Staff augmentation meaning saves your cost of hiring an in-house team because the experts you get are pre-vetted. All you need to do is brief them on their responsibilities, and you are good to go.

Increased output

Two brains are better than one, and that’s what the Staff augmentation meaning approach does. The augmented staff can do wonders when it meets your existing team. As a result, you experience high-quality work and accomplish business targets on time. Additionally, Staff augmentation meaning increases your overall business performance and opportunities to collect more fruits in your basket in a planned period.

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Staff augmentation vs dedicated team

Are Staff augmentation meaning and dedicated team two faces of the same coin? Let’s find out!


04 Staff Augmentation Vs Dedicated Team


What is a dedicated team?

A dedicated team is also an outsourcing model where an IT company provides you with a team of software developers. Usually, a top Staff augmentation meaning company offers dedicated teams, but on different terms. Some providers also include product managers and lead developers to your hired dedicated team to ensure project completion on time.

Staff augmentation and dedicated team comparison

Here is a brief comparison of them:

Cost of duties

Whether you opt for Staff augmentation and dedicated team services, your provider is responsible for hiring and employing software developers. However, if you are hiring a dedicated in-house team, you will need to bear the software license, office space, utilities, training, and hardware cost.

But if you choose a remote dedicated team, you are free from all such expenses. The provider takes care of everything from hardware to software and accommodation to training.

Work culture

A remote dedicated team is tied to your organizational goals. They share a uniform environment that helps them learn and exchange ideas, resulting in improved productivity. Besides, a dedicated team usually stays for longer periods, allowing them to implement their focus and expertise more towards achieving business targets.

On the other hand, when you hire professionals from Staff augmentation meaning, they may not recognize themselves as part of your team. They are well aware of the fact that sooner or later, they will be switched to another project in a different environment. As a result, individual engineers hired through Staff augmentation meaning firms may not provide their best.

Project management

IT Staff augmentation meaning companies are not responsible for providing you with project management services. You need to take care of this business no matter how heavily you pay external developers. But a dedicated team comes with different roles, including project managers, which minimizes your management responsibilities.

Relationship with clients

Understanding and trust are the two essential factors that make your business successful. If they go missing, it can create a significant obstacle in achieving organzational goals.

Hiring individual developers from a Staff augmentation meaning consulting service lacks a strong bond of trust between clients and engineers. With time, your supplier may lose interest in your project’s success.

Opting for a dedicated team outsourcing model often creates rigid and long-term coordination. The dedicated team members have better knowledge and understanding of your business challenges. And therefore, they are able to propose better solutions beneficial for your company.

Corporate involvement

When you choose the Staff augmentation meaning model, somehow, your company is also involved in finding suitable engineers. You can’t ensure that your outsourcer has selected candidates with the right technical experience and skills required for your project. This uncertainty compels you to involve an internal or external hiring expert to confirm that you have been supplied with competent developers.

But when you decide to hire a dedicated team, the entire recruitment responsibility goes to the provider. The agency assembles and scales a team to match your needs and ensure trouble-free project management and execution. The outsourcing company is responsible for identifying your project’s scope and providing team members accordingly rather than assigning programmers based on preferences.


Individuals hired through Staff augmentation meaning usually get busy with other companies’ tasks after their contract ends with you. Therefore, recruiting the same programmers for your next project is often impossible. Moreover, some outsourcers also have internal policies restricting them from supplying the previous workforce.

As a result, you need to find other individuals, introduce them to your in-house departments and share all the information again. But a dedicated team breaks this loop. You hire a complete external department that works as a part of your company on multiple projects for extended periods. You don’t have to explain your project’s scope and requirements as they already know these details from the beginning.

Knowledge sharing and learning

Developers hired through Staff augmentation meaning don’t have background knowledge of your company, previous projects, industry insights, and business experiences. So you can’t expect them to be goal-oriented as permanent employees would be.

And this is why most businesses favor recruiting dedicated teams. The close relationship makes them innovative and proactive. Furthermore, they have ample knowledge to overcome business challenges in a more personalized way. They are also great at building real-time strategies to accomplish your actual business goals.

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Staff augmentation vs managed services

Staff augmentation meaning vs managed services. Which outsourcing model is more suitable?


05 Staff Augmentation Vs Managed Services


What are managed services?

Managed services are a task outsourcing model. Unlike onshore or offshore Staff augmentation meaning services, managed services let you outsource specific IT roles, responsibilities, or functions. For example, you may opt for a managed service to support your business’s daily operational needs, including repairing or updating SaaS solutions.

Likewise, managed service providers (MSPs) can also help build high-end websites, applications, and digital products. Generally, companies choose managed services when they don’t have enough budget to recruit and manage in-house IT teams.

Types of managed services

You can choose managed services for your IT department from the following categories:

  • MSaaS
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud Infrastructure

Difference between staff augmentation and managed services

There are a few differences when it comes to managed services vs Staff augmentation meaning. Through Staff augmentation meaning, you hire individuals to solve short-term tasks. These professionals only provide expertise to solve a certain problem and don’t promise to improve your IT infrastructure.

On the other hand, consider managed services providers as your third-party business partners. Typically, they get into a long-term business relationship, and you mostly hire them to manage and support your IT infrastructure.


Staff augmentation meaning, dedicated teams, and managed services are all outsourcing models but with a few notable distinctions. With the help of Staff augmentation meaning, you can hire single or multiple software developers who mainly work with your current in-house team to bridge the gap.

A dedicated team provides you with various roles, such as project managers and programmers, to complete your project. Dedicated teams are hired when you lack an in-house IT structure. Moreover, this model is affordable and more result-oriented compared to Staff augmentation meaning. Lastly, managed services are ideal when you’re looking for professionals to update and administer security and other existing software solutions required for regular business operations. 

At Slash, we provide you with the most talented dedicated teams to successfully conclude your projects. Not just any ordinary Staff augmentation meaning, but we scout our workforce after a rigorous vetting process to ensure you get top-class engineers by your side. Our dedicated teams are flexible and capable of working in different time zones. So what’s stopping you from building the perfect solution through our ingenious squad? Contact us today and let Slash help you accomplish your business goals.  Staff augmentation meaning, dedicated teams, and managed services are all outsourcing models but with a few notable distinctions. With the help of Staff augmentation meaning, you can hire single or multiple software developers who mainly work with your current in-house team to bridge the gap.

FAQs – staff augmentation meaning

Is staff augmentation good? Staff augmentation meaning is suitable for most businesses in many ways. However, it isn’t a perfect outsourcing model in every scenario. It is only ideal for short-term projects, whereas hiring a dedicated team is more satisfactory for long-term projects.

Who needs staff augmentation? Staff augmentation meaning is great for you if you need to hire 2 to 8 IT engineers. Or if you already have a team of software developers but need to include new programmers in the squad for specific roles.

What does staff augmentation mean? Staff augmentation meaning is an approach to temporarily hiring personnel outside your company to fulfil your short-term requirements.

When should you choose staff augmentation? You should consider a Staff augmentation meaning outsourcing model if you already have an in-house team, but the existing workforce lacks particular skills.

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