(19) VB Map podcast: Corporate Innovation, Changes in Customer-Corporate Relations & Innovation Consulting: A conversation with Eric Saint Andre, the founder of Augmented Tribe and CEO of Amplification Lab
Changes in customer-corporate relations with Eric Saint Andre

About this episode

Eric Saint Andre is a leading expert in design thinking, innovation, business model innovation, new business design and startup acceleration. He is the Founder and Managing Director of ASA Advisory Services, a leading Innovation Consultancy based in Singapore and also the founder of Augmented Tribe, a tech startup offering an Innovation Platform to support organizations with their innovation and digital transformation initiatives.

Eric has worked hand in hand with hundreds of corporate innovation teams as part of innovation programs he has designed and facilitated. He has also accelerated in excess of 100 startups in South East Asia working hand in hand with each one of those over the past eight years based in Singapore.

With years of practical knowledge and experience in innovation methodologies such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Future-Driven Business Innovation, Business Model Innovation, Eric has helped numerous large MNCs, local enterprises and public organizations (GovTech, SBF, SG Innovate, etc.)  designing and facilitating fit-for-purpose design thinking, innovation and transformation programs, to help them become more agile, innovative and highly adaptable to change.”

Here are some highlights of our discussion: 

  • What is the history of corporate innovation, what has worked and what hasn’t, and yes the challenge of classical innovation labs
  • How our expectations as customers and consumers have evolved, and how corporations had to adopt more human-centric approaches
  • The big corporate gaps: the exploration and venture building engines are weak, and governance often still holds back long-term horizon exploration
  • The rise of ambidextrous organizations, segregating exploratory units from their traditional units
  • What’s inside the innovation engine?
  • How corporate innovation engines are tapping into and retaining intrapreneurs by offering more autonomy and incentives
  • Can funding, assets and talents become decentralized? How would we create a decentralized venture builder?
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by Andries De Vos ·
December 13, 2022
(18) VB Map podcast: Tourist Tax Refund, Change and Compliance, and Negotiating with Governments: A conversation with TripTax Founder & CEO Arnaud Rubeck
Negotiating with governments with Arnaud Rubeck

About this episode

Arnaud Rubeck is an entrepreneur and management professional with over 10 years of experience. Currently, he is the founder & CEO of TripTax. Arnaud’s expertise spans a range of areas including strategic planning, operations consulting, and project management. He also has a strong interest in AI, fintech, blockchain, travel and food tech.

Here are some highlights of our discussion:

  • Licensing and monopoly in the industry
  • The 4 pillars of a government-startup playbook: patience with an incremental-first approach to deliver gradual win-win outcomes, word choice matters a lot, the backdoor, finding support to build trust, 
  • The importance of having a northstar for B2G startups
  •  Who created the rules and how companies can bring a change in legislation
  •  Why governments are hesitant to trust big projects and promises
  • How to structure a venture studio model that is designed to provide solutions to the government
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by Andries De Vos ·
December 13, 2022
(17) VB Map podcast: Forming a talent pool, building venture building strategy and competing with corporates: A conversation with entrepreneur Ignacio Gabaldon
Forming a talent pool with Ignacio Gabaldon

About this episode

Ignacio Gabaldon is an engineer and entrepreneur. He is now leading Igeneris Ventures, the Venture Builder branch of Igeneris working with a team to create a curated pipeline of startups that serve both Europe and Latin America from their office in Madrid, Spain.

Here are some highlights of our discussion:

  • Igeneris evolution from a single-focus to a dual venture studio model servicing clients and building its own ventures
  • Talent requirements and risk appetite needed for building new ventures in highly industrialized and regulated industries such as Energy and Telecommunication requiring industry-level stakeholder alignment
  • The evolving talent landscape for hiring digital consultants, intrapreneurs and founders in Europe
  • How to incentivize the CEO at the right level and become investment-ready as a VB startup
  • How to navigate competition with corporates when operating a dual studio model
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by Andries De Vos ·
September 19, 2022
(#16) VB Map podcast: Conditions for Scalability, Transition from Web2 to Web3, Risks of Having Average Consumers: A Conversation with Venturerock’s Apoorva Ruparel (Part 2)
Value system of Web3 with Apoorva Ruparel (part 2)

About this episode

In part 2 of our VB Map Podcast with Apoorva Ruparel,, we dig into how philosophical questions and human history can inform the creation of startups in the Web2-Web3 world: 

  • The role of standardization in scaling anything (religion, F&B, startups!) and the conditions needed for scaling
  • Categorizing human needs helps product strategists synthesize patterns and good practices in addressing problem statements 
  • How the values system for the internet is broken and the opportunity for Web3 companies 
  • What does a venture look like that builds for a world that transitions from Web2 to Web3?
  • What verticals and problems are Web3 adoption ready? 
  • The risks and dangers of having average consumers start with angel investment 

Check out Part 1 here.

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by Andries De Vos ·
September 13, 2022
(#16) VB Map podcast: Conditions for Scalability, Transition from Web2 to Web3, Risks of Having Average Consumers: A Conversation with Venturerock’s Apoorva Ruparel (Part 2)
Value system of Web3 with Apoorva Ruparel (part 1)

About this episode

Apoorva Ruparel is a serial Entrepreneur with 3 successful exits, angel investor, 500 Global Mentor. Apoorva is a Partner at Venturerock, a digital venture capital platform and ecosystem of founders, backers & builders building the next generation of global tech companies. He has over 20 years of experience in Enterprise Sales, Angel Investing, Fund Raising, Go To Market Strategy and Growth Hacking.

In this episode Slash CEO Andries De Vos and Apoorva Ruparel discuss:

  • Why startups fail and what the industry can do about it?
  • The challenge of VCs: we don’t have a problem of choice, but a problem of quality.
  • Real Venture Building has been around for a while, but is really only now arriving – but there is no perfect formula yet
  • How to breakdown the VB process into 70+ milestones, the strategic importance of acquiring building blocks for each, and how to structure your VB team capabilities
  • How much equity should a VB take and what is a fair equity stake for founders? We debated different models for financial inclusions between investors, founders and teams, and how those differ by region.
  • VC-VB fund economics: how much money do you invest per startup, ownership targets, how much more risk can you take or should take

Apoorva’s profile on LinkedIn

8 minute read·
by Andries De Vos ·
September 6, 2022
Specifics of e-commerce with Archit Anand

About this episode

Archit Anand is the founder and CEO of Omnirio, a plug-and-play platform that allows bringing the retail ecosystem in SEA together on one platform, providing an Amazon-like experience to customers. Archit works with some of the biggest publicly listed companies as well as MSMEs, helping them survive and grow in the new normal. Archit’s background as a Software Engineer enables him to understand the technology and position it to the market needs.

The conversation covers a wide range of topics:

  • Unpacking the e-commerce stack and what layers are broken or inefficient;
  • Regional e-commerce differences between Southeast Asia and India and why India seems to be years ahead of SEA!
  • What e-commerce opportunities lie ahead for entrepreneurs, from data interoperability and data intelligence to brand rollups and simplified e-commerce UX experiences for low-income demographics;
  • How e-commerce brands are built by traditional players and new age folks coming online, and the build-to-exit approach many smaller brands are starting to adopt;
  • What a serious SEA e-commerce venture builder may look like: 60% segment focus in B2C/D2C, 30% tech enablement, 10% Web2-to-Web3.

Archit’s LinkedIn: https://sg.linkedin.com/in/archit-anand

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by Andries De Vos ·
August 30, 2022
(#12) VB Map podcast: Success measurement criteria for co-founders, portfolio building and team philosophy for managing people: A conversation with the Founder & CEO of Great Full, Thomason Chan
Key metrics to grow a gaming startup with Rahul N. Bhardwaj

About the episode

This week on the VB Map podcast Slash CEO Andries de Vos sat down to talk with Rahul N. Bhardwaj. An entrepreneur and product engineer himself, Rahul is an investor and advisor to a number of companies. He is the co-founder and COO of Junglee Games, a company that created top-grossing games like Junglee Teenpatti and Junglee Rummy.

Check the key topics they discussed:

  • Breakdown the psychology of human entertainment, what works and what doesn’t and how to anticipate if a game may work
  • Designing risk-reward loops for different game genres
  • The importance of having “depth” of game play and how to measure “fun”
  • The challenge of policy makers or entrepreneurs to design games-for-good to nudge behaviours in certain directions
  • How venture building principles and methodologies have been adopted by game studios for decades
  • How he is gamifying his son’s education
  • What opportunities may lie ahead for game studios
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by Andries De Vos ·
August 23, 2022
Venture building in Europe with Jori Clijmans

About this episode

Jori Clijmans is a partner of XLR8, a Belgium-based accelerator of B2B technology and enterprise startups. He is the co-founder of the Belgium-based venture studio, 0smosis, which created and spun off multiple venture-backed startups in collaboration with corporate partners. Jori has a deep innovation and product consulting background and is uniquely positioned to speak to the challenges of corporate venture building and how to think about setting up innovation capabilities that deliver enterprise outcomes.

Key highlights of the episode:

  • What’s different between venture building in Asia and Europe
  • Ways to eliminate corporate startup risk as early as possible in the process
  • The importance of bringing the CEO early on to de-risk the venture after concept validation
  • Building a quality label, CEO pool and VC network, as a VB
  • The challenges of an investment-first VB vs consulting-first studio model
  • How classic consulting services and corporate VB may merge in the future
  • Building stakeholder alignment with consulting-for-equity models
  • Tips for working with VCs as a VB
  • The challenge of studio focus and separating internal resources for own ventures vs client ventures

Jori’s LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/joriclijmans

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by Andries De Vos ·
August 9, 2022
(#12) VB Map podcast: Success measurement criteria for co-founders, portfolio building and team philosophy for managing people: A conversation with the Founder & CEO of Great Full, Thomason Chan
Success measurement for co-founders with Thomason Chan

About this episode

Thomason Chan is a Lifetime Entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Singapore-based Great Full, a cloud kitchen platform. In this episode Slash CEO Andries De Vos and Thomason Chan discuss the topics of success measurement, selection criteria for co-founders, building a portfolio and team philosophy for people management.

Podcast host, Slash CEO Andries De Vos and Thomason Chan cover a great deal of topics, such as:

  • Measuring success and catching the industry wave to ensure success
  • What a co-founder needs to have in them to succeed
  • How venture building compares to parenthood
  • What a good HR philosophy looks like

Website URL: https://great-full.co/ 

Thomason’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomason-chan/  

6 minute read·
by Andries De Vos ·
August 3, 2022

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