A to Z refactoring in Agile: why and how to do it the right way
Learn the importance and techniques of refactoring in agile software development. Here’s a complete agile refactoring guide for clean and high-quality code.
10 minute read·
by Ayatullah (Arul) Amin ·
July 18, 2023
10 ways how to improve your quality software development
Quality software development is crucial to make successful digital products. Here are 10 actionable ways to enhance your software quality in the development stages.
9 minute read·
by Ayatullah (Arul) Amin ·
June 28, 2023
Software Quality Assurance Tester
5 Reasons why you need a software quality assurance tester in a development team
The software quality assurance process plays an important role in software development teams. Here are 5 reasons why you need a QA tester for high-quality products.
8 minute read·
by Ayatullah (Arul) Amin ·
June 13, 2023
Augmented reality 101 : understanding the basics
Learn the basics of Augmented Reality with this comprehensive guide. Get an overview of AR technology, implementation tips, and more. Start your journey into the future of computing with Augmented Reality 101.
5 minute read·
by Ayatullah (Arul) Amin ·
April 26, 2023
3 Reasons Why PO Should Attend Daily Scrums
3 reasons why PO should attend daily Scrum
Efficiency is important as ever in the fast-paced world we have today. The margin for mistakes and misunderstandings is shrinking, and creators of all ilk need to adapt quickly and perform at the height of their capabilities.
6 minute read·
by Ayatullah (Arul) Amin ·
August 30, 2022

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