The ChallengeDiscovering top-tier senior talent suited for your thriving company, and ensuring they add value.

Finding and attracting top talents in the tech industry is very difficult. Many senior candidates have the years of experience required though this does not guarantee their success in your organization, or that those years were fruitful to begin with. To find the talent your business needs, your recruitment partner should:

  • Understand your company values and culture
  • Offer a wide range of senior candidates
  • Have a thorough senior to executive level vetting process

how we can helpA trusted partner to connect you with your company's future leaders

Along the way of our venture building journey, we have met incredible senior talent located throughout Asia. We understand the challenge of finding the right senior team members to grow the company with you.


the processEvery winning relationship grows from a solid foundation.

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Before we can dive in, we first begin with a friendly call aimed at learning & understanding your unique situation, and what solutions you are potentially considering. Our expert consultants will explain in details the pros and cons of each available avenue open to you, and recommend the one they feel will deliver the most business value while simultaneously delivering user value.

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02High-Level estimate

Following the first call or workshop, depending on the situation, a dedicated sales account manager assigned to you will present you with a “Phase 1” estimation. This is meant to cover the broad strokes of what you are looking to build and accomplish; this way you will have a ballpark figure to discuss internally and see if that aligns with your given budget.

03Detailed, line item estimation

Once you have determined that the Phase 1 estimate falls within your budget and have decided to move forward, together we will take the next step into a more detailed granular review of the project/solution you’re proposing. This may entail a number of additional meetings and/or workshops to properly extract the information needed in order to present you with a detailed, line item “Phase 2” estimation. This estimate will be comprehensive and give you a clear build cost presented as a retained agile team working for you monthly to produce what your business needs.

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Finally we come to the lone, small remaining hurdle of contracting. Again, your dedicated account manager will reach out and share our GSA for your internal team to review. Your account manager will be your main contact for all negotiations, and will ensure a smooth transition from signing to project launch!

Slash has always been incredibly supportive of our business needs. Through Slash's unwavering support our product has secured an App of the Year nomination.

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01What is the estimated candidate sourcing timeline on average?

Typically 2-3 weeks from contract signing, and a clearly defined job description.

We have a dedicated resourcing team that works closely with our digital growth team to optimize our headhunting process. We also have built up an extensive candidate network in our 6 years of operation, each leader also has a personal network of contacts from which to gauge interest and get referrals. We actively organize global and local hubs community events that specifically target talent. Lastly, we make sure to position, and have high visibility of each of opportunity in our social media channel or job boards that we are active on.

We care about the people joining, want them to be successful and provide valuable work, our goal is to have a long term partnership with you.

In case there are concerns or misalignment, we will work together with both the client and our team member to understand the cause, however, there is always a risk in hiring in which unfortunately we won’t be able to guarantee. We offer an additional coaching service where we assign a team of experts, coaches or mentors that will support the selected candidate during the probation period to make sure they are onboarded and adapt properly.

We have been a remote first company for many years. With our experience, we have been successful at offering the remote working culture and have been known for always improving remote practices ourselves. However, we are not against in-office or hybrid work as we understand each company has their own preferences. We are confident in our ability to provide the same level of excellence with candidates for all types of work engagements.

Why clients choose usA true partner challenges you to become your best.

From our digital solutions boutique to our venture-building agency, we harness the power of technology to create a positive legacy. We are dedicated to crafting a sustainable society where tech seamlessly integrates into our lives, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and purpose. Our obsession with success drives us to deliver real, impactful results for our partners, ensuring that our journey together goes beyond the delivered product.

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We're not just your service provider. Our success is intertwined with the strength of our relationships, and we choose to be on this transformative journey together with you.

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Ideas are easy. Execution of them is not. We bring a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring that your brilliant ideas are executed flawlessly.

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As serial entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges of making ideas into reality. Our team comprises passionate tech enthusiasts with big hearts.

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We don't just talk big; we deliver results. We're open to providing early value through strategic thinking, like product workshops, mentorship, and code reviews.

Work with a partner who genuinely cares.

Our tech and product builders will listen and analyze to assess your needs, create a roadmap and put in place an autonomous team to turn dreams into reality.