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I’m proud to be the leader for the Slash Jakarta Hub, but I will admit that I was a bit nervous at the start. I didn’t want to let anyone down, and wanted to ensure I was respectful of all my members' time and requests for hub activities. Our hub benefits and prospers from the wide range of Slash members located in the Jakarta area. I always aim to keep our activities fresh so everyone feels our events and interactions are natural and organic, rather than forced. Everyone is welcome to come and be themselves!”

Our Phnom Penh Slash Hub is exactly what the doctor ordered for breaking up the monotony of remote work. Of course we love the flexibility of remote work, nothing beats it, but ensuring we have a chance to cut loose and have fun with our coworkers is a must. Our hub members tend to be very active and engage in lots of outdoor activities which all leads to the promotion of better work relationships, team mentality, morale and the positive work culture Slash is known for!

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Oh my goodness, where to begin, haha! Our Bali Slash Hub is the absolute best! We enjoy a mix of local Slash members in addition to a few who have relocated to the area, and of course we happily welcomed them. We have done awesome activities in the past like ATV rides, pottery classes, BBQs and more. Remote work is great, but the face-to-face time really allows us to create deeper connections and understand one another. Our vibrant culture at Slash keeps things exciting and provides countless opportunities!

To sum up our Armenia Slash hub, I will say it’s about camaraderie and sharing time together to strengthen bonds and working relationships. Being given the chance to lead the Hub was really inspiring for me as it gave me the confidence I needed to be more involved and take a lead role in various aspects within my work team. I’m humbled to be able to organize exciting activities to bring our Armenia team closer together. We focus on our Slash community and the community we live in and our impact therein. The Hub is really a second home for us so please do join if you can!

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Our workCheck out some of the past projects we’re proud of.

Como sam Slash
Client Success
Leveraging AI to make a custom digitally-assisted wellness experience
COMO Shambhala, in response to COVID-19, develops a wellness app offering tailored, AI-enhanced content to its clients, navigating challenges from freemium to premium monetization and user onboarding to maintain its commitment to health and wellness.
3 minute read·
January 2, 2024
Bank Slash
Client Success
A journey to build scalable and resilient cloud infrastructure as a foundation for banking API gateway
SME bank goes thru the digital transformation to reduce the upfront cost of servers and rely more on Cloud resources while being vigilant to comply to the data store and privacy policies of Cambodia.
3 minute read·
July 30, 2023
casestudy kuak Slash
Client Success
Exciting journey towards casual gaming monetisation
Kuak embarks on its inaugural journey into the realm of mobile gaming with its new best circle of amphibious friends. Read on to discover whether they manage to traverse the perilous pond paddies before them that comprise the competitive mobile gaming industry!
4 minute read·
June 16, 2023
person Slash
Client Success
Disrupt the recruitment industry to remain competitive
Incorporating AI in the workflow of a recruitment team, although exciting, can prove itself to be quite difficult. Overcoming third-party integration challenges, as well as changing how people do their jobs, is the challenge that Slash took on when starting to work with Persolkelly.
3 minute read·
May 10, 2023
axi Slash
Client Success
Uncover the improvement that a flagship project needed most
Our team and the SmartNas team come together for multiple workshop sessions to uncover what holds them back from being able to deliver quality in a timely manner, as well as conduct a series of exercises to plan for improvement.
3 minute read·
November 1, 2022
casestudy Teng Lay Slash
Client Success
Upgrade management system scalability, resiliency and high availability by moving to the cloud
Traditional on-premise servers can sometimes be a blocker for things that could unlock Tenglay to do much more to focus on other areas of the company and other systems. Though trusting the AWS Cloud, we transformed their Logistic Information Management system to be highly available data online backup and auto archive to never run out of storage and capabilities for day-to-day business.
3 minute read·
February 1, 2022
Frame 8326 Slash
Client Success
Navigating loyalty in the digital era
In the dynamic digital economy, loyalty is paramount. For COMO Group, upgrading their loyalty program was a strategic imperative. Navigating technical challenges and rebranding, they forged a path toward a future-proof solution. This story encapsulates their journey, from adopting new tools to rethinking collaborations, culminating in the triumphant launch of a digital product that redefines loyalty in the modern age.
3 minute read·
January 16, 2022
eeden Slash
Client Success
Building white-label digital banking solutions for regional banks in Europe
EedenBull, in collaboration with Slash, develops a white label banking app for smaller financial institutions, overcoming challenges in scalability and security to provide a comprehensive solution for expense and cash management, fully compatible with major accounting systems.
2 minute read·
January 10, 2021
wfp Slash
Client Success
Early-warning flood and drought vulnerability platform for APAC
The Slash team took on the legacy PRISM regional product to customize to adapt for the Cambodia dataset. Despite a lot of complexity and data structure differences, we managed to complete it with the Slash team, a GIS expert, and valuable input from UNWFP experts and advisors to complete the project fully.
2 minute read·
December 30, 2020
Loyd Slash
Client Success
Optimizing workflow and productivity for internal staff
Helping Lloyd's Register build a complex offline-enabled industrial inspection tool for offshore oil rigs.
2 minute read·
August 30, 2019
Our core values

We prioritize people, forging genuine relationships and co-creating solutions that better society.

All Slash team members share these four values.
It is what makes us united; it is what makes us good.

We are kind.

We practice kindness, compassion and positive social interactions at work. We encourage and pick each other up. We help each other. Kindness is contagious and promotes happiness.

We care.

We care about the impact our work has on the world. We’re energized by bold plans, breaking new ground, rising to the challenge, and charting our own path.

We are leaders.

We are the leaders of our own life. We choose our attitude and take responsibility for our choices. By taking responsibility we become present, purposeful, courageous, proactive and truthful.

We rise together.

We embrace diverse perspectives to create work that is greater than the sum of its parts. We rise together and empower each other to be our best selves.

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PerksWhy work with Slash

Exciting & 
impactful projects

Get the stability of a larger group and the excitement of a startup. Endless possibilities to work on diverse global projects and challenges, using the latest tech for top brands, governments and fast-paced startups, in an agile environment.

Learn with passionate tech builders

Work with the best. Join our tech builders’ family and grow professionally in our learning communities packed with smart peers, regular speakers, and events – and don’t miss out on the latest trends.

Find your mojo & become your best version

Get the top talent treatment in our Silicon Valley-style work environment. Explore yourself in a premium remote-first workplace with low hierarchy and high collaboration. Optimize your productivity through wellbeing and flexible work-hours.

Grow in a people-first, community-centric place

Develop your mastery and evolve into different roles, seize opportunities and get supported by our unique growth-focused environment where you can self-direct your career path.

Our hubs

Make it hybrid.

We provide a remote work environment with high empowerment for semi-autonomous teams. Miss the office? Join Slash in one of our six hubs!

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