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job description

Lead Fullstack Developer

Remote, Bali

Software Engineering

Tech Lead, Software Engineer, Solution Architect

Web Frontend, Backend, Native Mobile Development, Hybrid Mobile Development, Data Engineering, AI, Blockchain, GIS

Service Leadership, Team Management, Ability to Motivate, Innovation, Systems Thinking, Integrity, Goal Achievement, Growing Others

About Slash

Slash is a Build Studio. We build remote, autonomous teams to help innovators develop software, products, and hi-tech startups. We also build and invest in our own startups and commercialize them through joint ventures in ASEAN and Europe.
Slash has headquarters in Singapore and community-oriented R&D hubs in Phnom Penh, Yerevan, Bali, Jakarta & Bandung, and Yogjakarta.

Role and responsibilities, and how will the role impact Slash?

Slash is looking for a dynamic Lead Fullstack Developer to build fast NodeJS backends or powerful, readable Python code as well as frontend framework (ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS) for sophisticated enterprise-grade systems and fast-growing funded startups. You will be a thought leader in the company:

  • Driving frontend and backend development stack best case practices, processes, and standards throughout the company.
  • Supporting solution architects, scrum masters, and development teams with delivering enterprise-grade backend systems to clients.
  • We will rely on your technical leadership and ingenuity to stay up to date on the latest in frontend and backend development stacks, system integration, security, APIs, middlewares, cloud, DevOps (serverless and CI/CD).

How do you know if you are a good fit?

  • General Requirement:

    • Positive attitude, independent, inner drive to become successful
    • Good verbal and written communication skills in English. Ability to talk to international clients
    • Tech-savvy (up to date with latest trends)
    • Proactive, confident, doesn’t shy away from responsibility, take full ownership
    • Exceptional analytical, debugging/ troubleshooting, coding skills, problem solving
    • Interest to work on multiple global corporate and startup projects, across different industries in an agency.
    • Ability to coordinate and communicate with diverse teams and individuals (e.g solution architects, product managers, scrum masters, developers, customer service, clients)
    • Develop core applications to be used enterprise-wide across multiple platforms.
    • Demonstrate strong experience with Agile methodologies.
    • Ability to understand different business models and applications is a bonus
    • Have a knowledge of drawing system architecture, sequence flow diagram
    • Proficient with broad software development and agile concepts is a bonus!
    • Experience with working with clients and working in an product or software agency is a plus
    • Have a university degree.
  • Backend Requirement:
    • Expert in Node JS development (Serverless framework is a plus)
    • Understand and able to implement Microservice architecture design
    • Experience building Rest/GraphQL API with Microservice (Apollo Federation is a plus)
    • Experience with Unit Testing and Integration Testing and Clean Code architecture design
    • Good understanding and ability to setup CI/CD Pipeline with Bitbucket
    • Experience with PostgreSQL (NoSQL is a plus)
    • Good knowledge of AWS Cloud services: Lambda, API Gateway, VPC, RDS, DynamoDB, CloudFront, SSM, SQS, SNS
    • Good understanding and ability to config CloudFormation and Terraform
    • Proficient in using Git Version Control and able to integrate with 3rd party services
    • Strong communication and collaboration skills as well as a problem-solving and agile approach
    • Nice to have:
      • Good knowledge and ability to implement a typed-safe system with TypeScript
      • Experience using Prisma as a database ORM and Experience using Apollo/Apollo Federation
      • Experience with various NodeJS frameworks (ExpressJS, NestJS, AdonisJS, KoaJS…)
  • Frontend Requirement:

    • Expert in React JS development (TypeScript is a plus)
    • Good knowledge of State management
    • Good understanding and knowledge of using Apollo Client and cache controls
    • Proficient in designing and building reusable components
    • Experience with Clean Code architecture design
    • Experience writing Unit Test and Integration Tests on UI components
    • Experience in API integration with Rest/GraphQL
    • Proficient in using Git Version Control
    • Strong communication and collaboration skills as well as a problem-solving and agile approach
    • Nice to have:
      • Good understanding and knowledge of State Management (Redux, Redux Toolkit…)
      • Experience using Material UI v5 and being able to customize components as needed
      • Good knowledge and understanding of UX/UI design based on each platform
      • Experience with various React JS Framework (NextJS, UmiJS…)

Why join us?

At Slash, we’re proud of our collaborative culture; everyone is ready to lend a helping hand, whether it’s your first day on the job or your thousandth. We also embrace a trust-centric culture, flexibility and accountability first, and a work-life integration mindset. Check out our culture here and meet our legendary team

  • Projects/clients: Get the stability of a larger group and the excitement of a startup. Work on interesting global projects, challenges and technologies for top brands, fast-paced startups and governments. Experience working with a mature SCRUM team and day-to-day Agile mindset project implementation. Check out our Success Story! 
  • Team and working environment: Join our diverse remote builders’ community and hubs oriented in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bali, Yerevan, and Phnom Penh. Experience an optimised remote working environment. Benefit from the flexible remote work package options (work from home or work from a coworking space).
  • Learning: We focus on the growth of both parties. You will meet communities packed with intelligent peers and attend events with regular speakers, so you don’t miss out on the latest tech trends. Slash is a safe space for people to share if you’re passionate about something. Our favourite learning practices are the Growth Accountability Group, Mentoring Program, Venture Club, and Leadership. On top of your remuneration, you will get annual training or learning credits to be redeemed. We actively encourage everyone to suggest training beneficial for their professional growth.
  • Technology: We work on a wide-range of technologies: latest web and mobile technologies, AI, blockchain, latest Cloud services, microservices & middlewares, security & infrastructure, etc.
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