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Senior DevsOps Engineer


Software Engineering


Web Frontend, Agile Practices, Backend, Native Mobile Development, Hybrid Mobile Development, Data Engineering, Cloud Computing, QA & Testing, Blockchain, GIS

About Slash

Slash is a hi-tech startup studio with a mission to build tech products that change the world. Our clients are global. In addition, we build and invest our own startups and commercialize them through joint ventures in ASEAN and Europe. We work on a wide range of technologies: web, mobile, AI, blockchain, cloud, microservices & middlewares, security & infrastructure, etc.
Slash has headquarters in Singapore and community-oriented R&D hubs in Phnom Penh and Bali. We are a team of 50+ entrepreneurs, engineers, hackers, and full-stack developers with unique capabilities in web, mobile, AI, and Blockchain.

Role and responsibilities and how will the role impact Slash?

Slash is looking for a dynamic Senior DevSecOps to help us stay at the cutting-edge of software development. If you’re into dockers, CI/CD pipelines, Serverless & GitOps, security, automating, and securing cloud infrastructure on AWS and Google Cloud, this is for you.
You will be a thought leader in the company:

  • Driving DevSecOps processes and standards throughout the company.
  • Supporting solution architects, scrum masters, and development teams with delivering their products to clients.
  • We will rely on your technical leadership and ingenuity to stay up to date on the latest in DevSecOps & GitOps!
  • You will be given a lot of responsibility and freedom to make changes, come up with new ideas and implement them in consultation with our teams and clients.

How do you know if you are a good fit?

  • Positive attitude, independence, inner drive to become successful
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English. Ability to talk to international clients
  • Keen interest in automation, orchestration, infrastructure, & AWS. Generally very tech-savvy (up to date with latest trends)
  • Have experience with Kubernetes cluster administration and securing Kubernetes resources: Administration, Pods/Replicaset management, Deployment, Environment variables, and secret management. Service, Networking on Ingress and Egress
  • Have experience with managing Kubernetes clusters with cloud platforms such as AWS
  • Have experience in planning, setting up, and executing infrastructure as code
  • Have experience in setting up CI/CD pipeline from installing a dependency, running tests, build, quality scanning, and deployment, and experience in using GitLab CI/CD is preferred.
  • Proactive, confident, doesn’t shy away from responsibility and take full ownership
  • Ability to coordinate and communicate with diverse teams and individuals (e.g solution architects, scrum masters, developers, and clients)
  • Minimum 3 years of professional work experience as a DevOps. Proficient with software development and agile concepts – full-stack software development experience is a bonus!
  • Have a university degree of Computer Science and Engineering and/or other equivalent degrees

Why Join Us?

  • Projects/Clients: Get the stability of a larger group and the excitement of a startup. Work on interesting global projects, challenges, and technologies for top brands, fast-paced startups, and governments.
  • Teams: Join our builders’ family and grow professionally in our learning communities packed with smart peers, regular speakers, and events so you don’t miss out on the latest tech and trends.
  • Work environment: Get the top talent treatment in our Silicon Valley-style work environment. Benefit from a premium work environment, with common areas for socializing, private spaces, stocked kitchens, and our flexible hours, a freedom-centric culture where we take work-life balance seriously.
  • Technology: We work on a wide range of technologies: latest web and mobile technologies, AI, blockchain, latest Cloud services, microservices & middlewares, security & infrastructure, etc
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