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Our Values

All Slash team members share these four values – it is what makes us united, it is what makes us good.

3 Pilars Of Success

Our 3 Pillars Of Success

Our Three Pillars enable us to measure our success and keep a healthy balance between our many activities.

3 Pillars Of Success At Slash

Our Cultural Traits

Slash company culture is our North Star to design an amazing workplace that delivers on our 3 pillars of success.

Digitally Exciting

Effectiveness + Wellbeing = Success

We design work to be at a sustainable pace. We encourage all our people to strive for effectiveness, quality and efficiency. This way they can organize their lives around professional fulfilment, personal growth, health and happiness. We share the highs & support in the lows.

Remote, Together.

We provide a remote work environment with high-empowerment for semi-autonomous teams. Our talent is supported by a best-in-class work environment and methodologies, and top colleagues.

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We Strive For Excellence.

Our work is not finished until we deliver on the last 10%. We set a high bar for ourselves and others. We simplify work. We recognize that it is easy to layer on complexity but that simplicity and excellence requires thoughtful editing.

Become The Best Version Of Yourself.

We adopt a growth mindset and overcome our limiting beliefs. We are passionate learners and cultivate healthy mental practices to develop ourselves. We encourage and nurture others’ growth, and cultivate authentic connections to help each other evolve.

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Positive Workplace With Low Hierarchy.

Our low-hierarchy environment creates a positive workplace that enables employee engagement, self-leadership, autonomy and productivity, and is grounded by the right amount of rules and structure.

What They Say From The Inside


I can work with top startups and enterprises in Singapore without having to actually be in Singapore. Slash brings the best of big company opportunities and a dynamic startup environment into one, with warm supportive colleagues – I couldn’t really ask for more than that.”

Solution Architect / Ironman

Igs Spotlight Indra A

Slash is such a dream place to work for a remote worker

Flexibility and work-life integration is not just a myth. It happens here. Even more, I’m surrounded by smart and high skilled teammate who help me nurture my personal and professional growth

Product Owner