Agile Software Development

At Slash we pair our technical excellence with Agile principles to bring high levels productivity, quality and flexibility to our client.

Pricing examples

Insurtech payment abstraction


4 months

Offer flexibility for client to switch as needed between multiple digital payment solutions accross all their e-commerce systems.

Logistics Management System


8 months

Built a custom, modular Logistics Management System to enable key parts of the client business: quotation, billing & invoicing, clearance expenses, dry port, container flow, trucking, reporting.

Banking B2B payment SaaS


18 months

The solution includes the issuing of different types of corporate bank cards for SMEs, card controls, transactions, expenses, accounting, reporting, security and permissions. Supported the rollout across 65+ banks.

AI powered wellness app


12 Months

Build a custom CMS and an app powered by an AI recommendation engine that learned from user behavior and delivered bespoke wellness blends and experiences to match client interests and needs.

Coworking membership app


9 months

Mobile app that includes features such as managing membership, booking meeting rooms and office guides by location, as well as advanced features such as card-free access, e-store for members with special offers and an e-learning module

Disaster management platform


5 months

Refactored legacy codebase and extended it by ingesting new data sources and processing the data models to display correctly, developing new user-friendly interfaces with different GIS views, redesigning workflows, adding new user & administrative functions and multi-language support.