Product Design

Product design describes the process of imagining, creating, and iterating products that solve users’ problems or address specific needs in a given market.

CSR and volunteering multi-platform


4 months

5 complex interconnected platforms to serve four types of users with varying concerns and objectives: a web dashboard for causes, companies and administrators and a mobile app for volunteers.

Wellness classes marketplace app


3 months

Reimagined the original product vision and help the client design the MVP1 inline with their business roadmap. 2 platforms: a customer app and an admin dashboard for coaches.

Lab purchasing Saas for medical clinics


2 months

Turned the old fashioned paper forms into a fully integrated Saas to interconnect doctors, assistants, front desk and medical lab personels. The Saas plaform consists of a clinic and lab admin web interfaces as well as an in room native app for purchasing.

Next Gen recruitment enterprise solution


6 months

A suite of web applications and AI-powered technology components that access a candidate database generated from a variety of internal and external data sources and for each job the system instantly recommends best matched candidates sorted by relevance.

AI powered Welness app


10 months

Crafted an innovative digital solution around a core user experience to solve client’s pain points in delivering wellness in a 21st century manner for their existing user base.

Casual mobile game


18 months

Using Unity as a platform, the team already designed 4 iterations of the gaming experience through rapid prototyping and quick feedback loops. Strong focus on user retention and monetisation.