Staff Augmentation

Using a principle of discount for equity, Slash supports entrepreneurs with its venture building capabilities.

Lead Developer

Super developer with outstanding technical and communication skills, this person is essential for ensuring the intrinsic quality of a software (bug free, robust, scalable) as well as making sure the team is never blocked by technical challenges.

From $ 320 / day

Lead Developer


They will turn your vision into lines of code. At Slash, all the developers benefit from at least 4-5 years experience, are proficient in English communication and carefully selected (average 30 interviews per hire.)

From $ 250 / day

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Product Owner

True camelions that can adapt to any types of business, Slash POs will deep dive with you to turn your needs into a prioritised, clear and conmprehensive backlog of tasks. Often the client “best friend” during development, the PO will make sure the product delivered is the product you need.

From $ 320 / day


Scrum Master

For Scrum Masters, it’s all about productivity. They ensure that your team never faces critical obstacles that would slow them down and help them reach their full potential of productivity, also called velocity. Often seen as the “big brothesr” of the team, they put their leadership at the service of their team.

From $ 280 / day

Scrum Master Slash

Product Director

With often 10+ years of experience designing digital product, they make sure the business goals are achieve through the product design excercise. They play a very important role during empethising with users and ideating for solutions as well as making sure the methologies are applied correctly and efficiently.

From $ 900 / day

тецчницал дирецтор

Product Engineer

Product engineers lead and execute the product design exercise. Depending at which stage the client is, they will help them navigate through the design thinking process to maximise the business value delivered during product design. They will use various tools and frameworks to uncover opportunities to achieve business goals. To achieve that, they put extensive focus on user experience, habit creation and user retention.

From $ 400 / day

Product Engineer

UX/UI Designer

Once a vision and concept is clear, UX/UI designers are great assets to be able to create visuals that help validating assumptions with users but also by feeding high fidelity designs to the development teams.

From $ 250 / day

Ui Ux Designer


The “QAs” which stands for quality assurance will make sure the product developed comply with the backlog requirements. They will design and execut test plans to quickly provide feedback to the teams.

From $ 200 / day

Qa Engineer