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Product Development At Slash

3 steps are crucial to build meaningful products:

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Vision & Alignment: Workshops to deep dive into Market Opportunity and Product Vision from Owner.

Problem Research: Collect market and user insights, define proto-user personas and what they expect from the product.

Concept Design: Ideate solutions and early low-fi prototyping in collaboration with users and owner.

Testing & Validation: Test concept design and validate business design considerations (e.g GTM, business model etc).

Design Brief: Capture design concept into a “design brief” to inform the product design phase.

Roles Involved & Weeks

Epics & User Stories: Extract list of Epics that the product should deliver and breakdown Epics by user story.

User Journeys: Design Happy/Unhappy Paths for each Epic.

Engineering Feasibility: Assess the feasibility of key engineering concepts that the product should adopt.

UX and UI Design: Design low-fi wireframes (UX), and then leverage visual identity of the brand to design UI of key pages.

Work Plan & Estimates: High-level estimate of effort & cost using “t-shirt sizes” and map out work plan.

Roles Involved & Weeks

Sprint 0: Decide tech stack, design IT architecture, DevOps, setup boilerplate code, mobilize team, define backlog.

Build Sprints: Deliver the backlog for each 2-week Sprint, according to its “acceptance criteria” and “definition of done”.

Pre-release UAT: Validate with SME/POs that fully integrated code and functionality meets user requirements, prior to release.

Release: Deploy product release to the end users, validate functionality works in the live environment.

Maintain + Build: Fix bugs and maintain live product, while active development team continues extending system.

Roles Involved & Weeks


To make great tech products, we need an
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Enabling cool products by understanding
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Multi-year scrum team to support AXA’s digital innovation.

Since 2016, Slash has been a trusted and dependable long-term partner to develop our digital innovation initiatives at AXA.

Building fast, secure and paperless tourist tax refund.

Slash has been my most trusted partner, fiercest critic and strongest enabler. The Slash team has given me the superpowers and backing I need to bootstrap a travel startup, navigate COVID-19 turmoil and deep tech.

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