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Slash began with building capabilities through people skills, processes and tools.

We then packaged those capabilities into more and more meaningful services, and help clients connect with our understanding of reality. Throughout our journey, we have become a magnet for likeminded talented individuals.

Finally, we grew into an end-to-end venture builder, perfecting our ability to drive venture success.

We lead by example by investing in our own ventures, and following our aspirations. The learners have become the leaders, shaping our journey with a strong moral compass. In order to have a measurable impact, we aim to maximize our levels of awareness, access to capital, leadership and skills.

We have to ask

Has technology taken the right
place in our lives?

Modern technology has brought many wonders to our daily lives. Communication is instant, banking no longer requires waiting in line at the bank or even going there physically, information is readily available everywhere you look, and so on.

All that aside, this has not happened without considerable disruption. Smartphones, for all their marvels, more often now come between couples and families at times when they are unwelcome, like dinnertime, family events, and more. Notifications seem to control our behavior rather than help us, and social media eats our time instead of providing increased free time.

We are certainly not bored, but there is a precipitous rise in a lack of creativity that demands reflection.

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Has technology helped us co-habit better as a society?

Technology’s role in society is a complicated one to speak about. Yes, it has taken the traditional town square and made it virtual for all to participate in, share ideas and feedback in an open forum. Everyone has the opportunity to share their opinion yet whether this is an objective public good is still up for debate.

Society’s combined workforce has become a juggernaut for sure thanks to technological advancements and the ability to share information and collaborate across borders. Though again disruption rears its head in the form of e-commerce giants, privacy concerns, and beyond.

Has technology a role to play in the evolution of our civilisation in response to environmental challenges?

Will it be

a problem?

Or a solution?

Technology has shaped our lives and will continue to do so in the future; it will, whether we like it or not, be a beacon that we follow. We now have the tools to anticipate certain natural disasters, delivering help in advance and averting major loss of life. Satellites monitor every corner of the globe seeing that resources are maximized and used to good ends.

Again, all this comes at the cost of considerable upheaval. Much of modern tech is a hungry beast requiring constant electrical power, and rare earth materials & metals. Commercial industries have conditioned customers to purchasing new models of various high-tech gadgets at a pace that is arguably not sustainable. The greater leaps forward the tech makes, the more resources it requires. Discovering a more viable path forward for the future of our children and communities is a must.

Is there an optimal environment for digital professionals to thrive?

How can we create a moral compass for any digital professional?

Digital professionals in today’s economic environment in a way embody early engineers centuries ago. They are in a unique position to shape and mold the future of our world with the solutions and products they build. Their influence and impact should not be overlooked and is one that can easily be led astray or used for a purpose that is objectively not beneficial. A strong moral compass is a must for these trail blazers.

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Our solution:Responsible power.

There are many false purposes that distract us just as they do digital professionals; salaries, intellectual machinations, shiny toys and more. We at Slash feel it’s important to take a step back, draw in the bigger picture, consider the gravity of what lies before us, where we have been and then consider where we need to be tomorrow and beyond.

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Want to explore creating something meaningful together?

Our tech and product builders will listen and analyze to assess your needs, create a roadmap and put in place an autonomous team to turn dreams into reality.