Ethical Dilemmas in Product Management: Navigating Responsible AI
Ethical dilemmas in product management: navigating responsible AI
10 minute read·
June 19, 2024
Marc Gamet
From workshop to book: crafting years of design wisdom
3 minute read·
by Marc Gamet ·
April 26, 2024
Additional 5 Slash
5 Important stages of design thinking process with an example
The design thinking process consists of five crucial stages: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. Understand each stage in detail with a practical example to make your next successful digital product.
7 minute read·
by Henry Panhna Seng ·
September 28, 2023
8 Steps to Create a Successful Digital Product Roadmaps Slash
8 steps to create a successful digital product roadmap
You need to do careful planning and decision-making to create a digital product roadmap. Learn the 8 key steps you must follow to create a valuable roadmap for your digital product.
10 minute read·
by Alex Lossing ·
August 15, 2023
4 key strategies for successful clickable prototype development
4 key strategies for successful clickable prototype development
Clickable prototype development confirms the product’s success. Learn about the 4 prototyping strategies, best tools, and their benefits.
8 minute read·
by Byron Matthiopoulos ·
May 22, 2023
4 Types of Goals to Set for a Successful Digital Product
4 Types of goals to set for a successful digital product
I will recount the 4 types of goals I believe most important for a successful digital project. Let’s dive in!
8 minute read·
by Marc Gamet ·
December 12, 2022
Design Patterns
5 Design patterns you should know
Design patterns are essential tools for software developers. In this article, we will explore five popular design patterns that every developer should know. Gain a deeper understanding of these patterns and learn how to apply them in your own projects for efficient and maintainable code.
8 minute read·
by Kevin Yin Seng ·
September 16, 2022
Designing a Digital Product
6 Challenges for Businesses when Designing a Digital Product
Well back in the realm of reality, you will be faced with a variety of difficult decisions when designing a digital product. We have gathered what we believe to be the most commonly faced challenging decisions; six to be exact.
11 minute read·
by Byron Matthiopoulos ·
September 6, 2022
(#9) VB Map podcast: Methodologies for prototyping and validating early stage ideas at a low cost: A conversation with Nick Martin, MISSION+ CEO
Prototyping and validating early-stage ideas with Nick Martin

About this episode

Nick Martin is the CEO of Mission. Plus, it is a digital innovation studio that combines engineering, design agility, expertise, and commercialization to deliver market-ready tech products. Listen to the episode to deep dive into methodologies for prototyping and validating early-stage ideas at a very low cost.

Website URL:

Nick’s LinkedIn:

19 minute read·
by Andries De Vos ·
July 6, 2022

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