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5 Ways on how to find the best product development services
Are you looking for the best product development services? Check out these 5 ways to find an ideal service provider for your needs and to ensure a successful product development process.
6 minute read·
by Peter Prak Ponnak ·
October 23, 2023
Product Strategy Roadmap
6 Steps to Create a Good Product Strategy Roadmap
Creating a product strategy roadmap is tricky and requires several days. So here are the 6 steps to make it to help the product team develop a winning product.
9 minute read·
by Daniel Soghoyan ·
April 12, 2023
6 Important Things to Follow in Your Digital Product Strategy
6 Important Things to Follow in Your Digital Product Strategy
A constructive digital product strategy can increase revenue and grow your digital product quickly. So ensure to follow these 6 important things in your upcoming strategy.
6 minute read·
by Daniel Soghoyan ·
February 8, 2023
Startup from Scratch
5 Technologies to build a startup from scratch in 2024 - overcoming challenges with tech
These are the 5 technologies we think you need to build a startup from scratch in 2024.
7 minute read·
by Marc Gamet ·
January 30, 2023
5 Considerations When Launching a Product
5 Considerations when launching a product
Launching a new product requires careful planning and consideration. In this article, we discuss five key considerations to keep in mind when planning a product launch, including market research, target audience, marketing strategy, competition analysis, and timing.
8 minute read·
by Byron Matthiopoulos ·
January 10, 2023
(#12) VB Map podcast: Success measurement criteria for co-founders, portfolio building and team philosophy for managing people: A conversation with the Founder & CEO of Great Full, Thomason Chan
Key metrics to grow a gaming startup with Rahul N. Bhardwaj

About the episode

This week on the VB Map podcast Slash CEO Andries de Vos sat down to talk with Rahul N. Bhardwaj. An entrepreneur and product engineer himself, Rahul is an investor and advisor to a number of companies. He is the co-founder and COO of Junglee Games, a company that created top-grossing games like Junglee Teenpatti and Junglee Rummy.

Check the key topics they discussed:

  • Breakdown the psychology of human entertainment, what works and what doesn’t and how to anticipate if a game may work
  • Designing risk-reward loops for different game genres
  • The importance of having “depth” of game play and how to measure “fun”
  • The challenge of policy makers or entrepreneurs to design games-for-good to nudge behaviours in certain directions
  • How venture building principles and methodologies have been adopted by game studios for decades
  • How he is gamifying his son’s education
  • What opportunities may lie ahead for game studios
6 minute read·
by Andries De Vos ·
August 23, 2022
(#9) VB Map podcast: Methodologies for prototyping and validating early stage ideas at a low cost: A conversation with Nick Martin, MISSION+ CEO
Prototyping and validating early-stage ideas with Nick Martin

About this episode

Nick Martin is the CEO of Mission. Plus, it is a digital innovation studio that combines engineering, design agility, expertise, and commercialization to deliver market-ready tech products. Listen to the episode to deep dive into methodologies for prototyping and validating early-stage ideas at a very low cost.

Website URL:

Nick’s LinkedIn:

19 minute read·
by Andries De Vos ·
July 6, 2022

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