ges of Product Development Workflow
6 Stages of Product Development Workflow You Must Follow in 2024
In 2023, it is essential to follow a 6-stage product development workflow. These stages include conceptualization, research, prototyping, testing, development, and launch. Here are the complete details for each step.
8 minute read·
by Kevin Yin Seng ·
September 13, 2023
Before Creating a Product A Quick Guide for New Product Owners
Before creating a product: a quick guide for new product owners
A comprehensive guide for new Product Owners, offering tips and best practices for success in the role. Learn about the responsibilities of a Product Owner, how to prioritize features, communicate effectively with stakeholders, and ensure a successful product launch.
6 minute read·
by Byron Matthiopoulos ·
April 26, 2023
(18) VB Map podcast: Tourist Tax Refund, Change and Compliance, and Negotiating with Governments: A conversation with TripTax Founder & CEO Arnaud Rubeck
Negotiating with governments with Arnaud Rubeck

About this episode

Arnaud Rubeck is an entrepreneur and management professional with over 10 years of experience. Currently, he is the founder & CEO of TripTax. Arnaud’s expertise spans a range of areas including strategic planning, operations consulting, and project management. He also has a strong interest in AI, fintech, blockchain, travel and food tech.

Here are some highlights of our discussion:

  • Licensing and monopoly in the industry
  • The 4 pillars of a government-startup playbook: patience with an incremental-first approach to deliver gradual win-win outcomes, word choice matters a lot, the backdoor, finding support to build trust, 
  • The importance of having a northstar for B2G startups
  •  Who created the rules and how companies can bring a change in legislation
  •  Why governments are hesitant to trust big projects and promises
  • How to structure a venture studio model that is designed to provide solutions to the government
7 minute read·
by Andries De Vos ·
December 13, 2022
Effective branch strategy
5 Points to define a better branch strategy
Defining a solid branch strategy is crucial for the success of any organization. In this article, we will explore five key points to consider when developing a branch strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives.
12 minute read·
by Sean Promsopeak Nuon ·
September 16, 2022
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Specifics of e-commerce with Archit Anand

About this episode

Archit Anand is the founder and CEO of Omnirio, a plug-and-play platform that allows bringing the retail ecosystem in SEA together on one platform, providing an Amazon-like experience to customers. Archit works with some of the biggest publicly listed companies as well as MSMEs, helping them survive and grow in the new normal. Archit’s background as a Software Engineer enables him to understand the technology and position it to the market needs.

The conversation covers a wide range of topics:

  • Unpacking the e-commerce stack and what layers are broken or inefficient;
  • Regional e-commerce differences between Southeast Asia and India and why India seems to be years ahead of SEA!
  • What e-commerce opportunities lie ahead for entrepreneurs, from data interoperability and data intelligence to brand rollups and simplified e-commerce UX experiences for low-income demographics;
  • How e-commerce brands are built by traditional players and new age folks coming online, and the build-to-exit approach many smaller brands are starting to adopt;
  • What a serious SEA e-commerce venture builder may look like: 60% segment focus in B2C/D2C, 30% tech enablement, 10% Web2-to-Web3.

Archit’s LinkedIn:

6 minute read·
by Andries De Vos ·
August 30, 2022
(#12) VB Map podcast: Success measurement criteria for co-founders, portfolio building and team philosophy for managing people: A conversation with the Founder & CEO of Great Full, Thomason Chan
Success measurement for co-founders with Thomason Chan

About this episode

Thomason Chan is a Lifetime Entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Singapore-based Great Full, a cloud kitchen platform. In this episode Slash CEO Andries De Vos and Thomason Chan discuss the topics of success measurement, selection criteria for co-founders, building a portfolio and team philosophy for people management.

Podcast host, Slash CEO Andries De Vos and Thomason Chan cover a great deal of topics, such as:

  • Measuring success and catching the industry wave to ensure success
  • What a co-founder needs to have in them to succeed
  • How venture building compares to parenthood
  • What a good HR philosophy looks like

Website URL: 

Thomason’s LinkedIn:  

6 minute read·
by Andries De Vos ·
August 3, 2022
(#10) VB Map podcast: The success of World of Tanks, future of e-commerce, strategies for launching a gaming studio: A conversation with entrepreneur, marketer and investor Mario Baumann
The success of World of Tanks with Mario Baumann

About this episode

Mario Baumann is an entrepreneur, marketer and investor. He has had a front row seat on how the gaming industry has exploded in the last 15 years, working for the iconic World of Tanks game as the first overseas employee. He has a deep expertise in licensing deals for the gaming industry, ecommerce, entertainment, FinTech and Adtech. Over the last few years, Mario has focused on more venture building advisory, an entrepreneurs, boutique M&A and investment deals, and helping startups expand from Europe to Latam and Asia.

In this episode Slash CEO Andries De Vos and Mario Baumann discuss:

  • Mario’s experience as the 1st overseas hire of ‘World of Tanks’, the company’s global success and how innovations happen in the gaming industry
  • How play-to-earn might impact the gaming industry and the importance of engaging the community in gaming industry
  • Growth-as-a-service for a VB studio
  • Venture opportunities in the emerging Sustainability and eCommerce industry in Asia
  • How M&A process for smaller deals in Asia could be fixed

Website URL:

Mario’s LinkedIn:

7 minute read·
by Andries De Vos ·
July 14, 2022
(#9) VB Map podcast: Methodologies for prototyping and validating early stage ideas at a low cost: A conversation with Nick Martin, MISSION+ CEO
Prototyping and validating early-stage ideas with Nick Martin

About this episode

Nick Martin is the CEO of Mission. Plus, it is a digital innovation studio that combines engineering, design agility, expertise, and commercialization to deliver market-ready tech products. Listen to the episode to deep dive into methodologies for prototyping and validating early-stage ideas at a very low cost.

Website URL:

Nick’s LinkedIn:

19 minute read·
by Andries De Vos ·
July 6, 2022
Founder equality vs equity – how to allocate founder shares when setting up a new company
Founder equality vs equity – how to allocate founder shares when setting up a new company
Starting a company is like a dream coming true. One of the most sensitive issues in the creation of a new company is agreeing on share allocation between the founding partners.
10 minute read·
by Marc Gamet ·
March 2, 2022

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