This is where the journey starts. You see an opportunity but you need to explore, detail and validate your idea further. Perhaps you simply need to get enough data and visuals to inspire your stakeholders or investors.

Digital prototyping

At Slash, we have designed programs to help you quickly develop concepts, test new ideas, and validate feasibility and desirability. Digital prototyping allows you to get answers quickly and cost-effectively. You probably don’t want to jump right away into building a solution without some clear validation. Do people want/need it? Can it be built? Can I afford to build it? All these questions can be answered by an efficient and to-the-point prototyping exercise.


Product discovery workshops

Working prototype

Proof of concept

Clickable prototype

User research

There is no creating a digital product without understanding who you are building it for. Understanding your users will be tremendously important as you progress in your journey. From simple desk research to interviews, to experimental research, we will help you get the necessary insights to maximise your chance of finding a product-market fit.


User profiling

User interviews

Usability testing

Demand discovery & validation

base placeholder Slash

Experimental research

Market research

Understanding your industry, competition, and buyers is fundamental before starting a digital project. You will discover who your buyers are, what’s hot in your industry, but also what your competition is currently preparing. This will give you an opportunity to really set yourself apart from anything in the market or simply surf on a trending wave.


Industry analysis

Buyer persona

Social media listening

Internal/external interviews



Whether you are just starting with a digital solution or adding new features to an existing one, we’ve got you covered. From building a full Agile team, to building a MVP, to preparing for a go to market, all you need is here.

Agile development

Building digital solutions is an art. Although it could be seen as a field with a lot of complexity, things gets much easier when you are in the right hands. During this phase, you will be collaborating with a dedicated team of engineers and product builders to achieve your vision efficiently but also with an expected level of quality.


Data engineering and ML

UX/UI design


Cloud and System architecture

Automation and manual testing

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

For your first go-to market, you have defined what your product is going to look like, what features it is going to offer. Now it’s time to design the full experience and build it. Slash will help you reach that goal efficiently while allowing you to remain in tight control of your expenses.


Mobile apps

Web apps

Commercial websites

Augmented reality

Vision AI


Go to market

How about we package and deliver your digital solution to your clients? Wait, let’s first make sure your brand position speaks and inspires them. Let’s also make sure we are ready to give them what they need. To do that, we need to understand how we will reach out to them and prepare for it, as well as prepare the foundation to be able to listen to their valuable feedback.



Prepare for user acquisition

Building interest

Prepare for feedback

Building awareness

Como sam Slash
Client Success
Leveraging AI to make a custom digitally-assisted wellness experience
COMO Shambhala, in response to COVID-19, develops a wellness app offering tailored, AI-enhanced content to its clients, navigating challenges from freemium to premium monetization and user onboarding to maintain its commitment to health and wellness.
3 minute read·
January 2, 2024
Bank Slash
Client Success
A journey to build scalable and resilient cloud infrastructure as a foundation for banking API gateway
SME bank goes thru the digital transformation to reduce the upfront cost of servers and rely more on Cloud resources while being vigilant to comply to the data store and privacy policies of Cambodia.
3 minute read·
July 30, 2023
casestudy kuak Slash
Client Success
Exciting journey towards casual gaming monetisation
Kuak embarks on its inaugural journey into the realm of mobile gaming with its new best circle of amphibious friends. Read on to discover whether they manage to traverse the perilous pond paddies before them that comprise the competitive mobile gaming industry!
4 minute read·
June 16, 2023
person Slash
Client Success
Disrupt the recruitment industry to remain competitive
Incorporating AI in the workflow of a recruitment team, although exciting, can prove itself to be quite difficult. Overcoming third-party integration challenges, as well as changing how people do their jobs, is the challenge that Slash took on when starting to work with Persolkelly.
3 minute read·
May 10, 2023
axi Slash
Client Success
Uncover the improvement that a flagship project needed most
Our team and the SmartNas team come together for multiple workshop sessions to uncover what holds them back from being able to deliver quality in a timely manner, as well as conduct a series of exercises to plan for improvement.
3 minute read·
November 1, 2022
casestudy Teng Lay Slash
Client Success
Upgrade management system scalability, resiliency and high availability by moving to the cloud
Traditional on-premise servers can sometimes be a blocker for things that could unlock Tenglay to do much more to focus on other areas of the company and other systems. Though trusting the AWS Cloud, we transformed their Logistic Information Management system to be highly available data online backup and auto archive to never run out of storage and capabilities for day-to-day business.
3 minute read·
February 1, 2022
Frame 8326 Slash
Client Success
Navigating loyalty in the digital era
In the dynamic digital economy, loyalty is paramount. For COMO Group, upgrading their loyalty program was a strategic imperative. Navigating technical challenges and rebranding, they forged a path toward a future-proof solution. This story encapsulates their journey, from adopting new tools to rethinking collaborations, culminating in the triumphant launch of a digital product that redefines loyalty in the modern age.
3 minute read·
January 16, 2022
eeden Slash
Client Success
Building white-label digital banking solutions for regional banks in Europe
EedenBull, in collaboration with Slash, develops a white label banking app for smaller financial institutions, overcoming challenges in scalability and security to provide a comprehensive solution for expense and cash management, fully compatible with major accounting systems.
2 minute read·
January 10, 2021
wfp Slash
Client Success
Early-warning flood and drought vulnerability platform for APAC
The Slash team took on the legacy PRISM regional product to customize to adapt for the Cambodia dataset. Despite a lot of complexity and data structure differences, we managed to complete it with the Slash team, a GIS expert, and valuable input from UNWFP experts and advisors to complete the project fully.
2 minute read·
December 30, 2020
Loyd Slash
Client Success
Optimizing workflow and productivity for internal staff
Helping Lloyd's Register build a complex offline-enabled industrial inspection tool for offshore oil rigs.
2 minute read·
August 30, 2019
sevices 1 Slash
services 2 Slash
services 3 Slash


User acquisition, user retention, monetisation, those words ring a bell? This is what growth is about. You are now in a position to collect market feedback and define strategies to maximise the success of your vision.

Customer acquisition

Your product is live and you need to attract people. But, in the ocean of digital marketing practices, where are you supposed to spend your marketing budget? This is what we are looking for here. Based on your buyer and user persona, we will help you maximise the value you get for every dollar spent in marketing expenses.


Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Content strategy and creation

Outreach automation

Pay per click advertising

Social media marketing

Email marketing

Lead research

Product / Market fit

Together with building a solid digital marketing strategy, you want to make sure your product delivers the value it intends to. Using a data-driven approach, we will help you extract insights, ideate solutions, implement them quickly, and test how your users respond and repeat. We will focus here on user conversion, retention, and monetisation.


Google analytics

Funnel optimization

Power BI

Beta testing

Quality & reliability engineering

Now that the number of users increases as well as the business stakes, it might be the right time to upscale your software. We can help you put the right monitoring in place to maximise up time but also prepare your software to welcome additional features without compromising time to marker for each of them. We can also help you optimise the performance of your system to ensure the best possible user experience.


System monitoring

Increase performance

Scale with confidence

Code quality upgrade

System and software architecture


You already have or you’re building your digital team. And you will soon realize that the competition to attract and retain digital talents is challenging. On top of that, you will need to figure out how to make sure they work efficiently together.

base placeholder Slash

Staff augmentation

After discovering your company, your tools and practices, your culture, we will present you with high quality digital professionals. Our goal is for you to never have to worry about turn over, and scaling your team up or down all within your budget. Amazing digital professionals are everywhere, we develop them and bring them to you.


Digital marketing professional

Product design professionals

Senior recruitment

Whether you’re scaling up, diversifying, or navigating a strategic shift, we will help you identify and connect with top-tier leaders & seniors who not only meet your company’s evolving needs but also elevate your organizational excellence. From sourcing to onboarding, we handle it all, ensuring your expectations are not just met but exceeded.


DIY recruitment

Onboarding and coaching

Team performance

Now, you need to continuously elevate your team’s potential. Our goal is to guide you to foster individual skills and collaboration. Team members engaged in their personal growth and in the efficiency and quality of their work is what we are looking for here.


Scrum like a pro

Code Kata trainings

Kanban is funban


venture studio Slash

Co-founding 15 startups in the last 7 years.

As serial entrepreneurs, we practice what we preach. With our growing team of venture operators and specialists, we are excited to launch more mission-driven products through our venture studio.

Work with a partner who genuinely cares.

Our tech and product builders will listen and analyze to assess your needs, create a roadmap and put in place an autonomous team to turn dreams into reality.