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ADB knowledge hub for Change Makers

Project - 2019

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) established ADB Ventures early 2020, a new venture platform that aims to become Asia’s leading impact technology platform, crowding over $1 billion of risk capital to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Asia is brimming with technology solutions to conserve energy, reduce waste, fight climate change, and deliver public services effectively. ADB will help bring these solutions to market by leveraging their extensive operational networks and filling the risk capital gap facing innovative early-stage companies in developing Asia and the Pacific, particularly smaller and frontier markets.

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In this context, ADB was looking at creating a website to share the latest insights, facts and impact projects & initiatives with expected outcomes. The target audience is impact investors and the website needed to include the ability to engage investors through short surveys, venture challenges and personalized content based on areas of focus.

Our friends at MING Labs approached Slash to partner on developing the ADB website on a tight timeline.

Project Highlights

  • The ADB Tech For Impact initiative is high-profile and the website requirements and design were a result of extensive user research, design explorations and research findings.
  • The joint ADB-MING Labs-Slash project team refined the initial requirements and over a period of 5 weeks designed and developed the solution, and tweaked it based on test users’ feedback.
  • The backend is built on a headless CMS implementation using WordPress to give ADB users the control and empowerment they need to maintain the publishing platform. We developed the frontend on ReactJS and the infrastructure on AWS. The website was optimized for SEO.
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