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Award-winning e-KYC solution for payments in Cambodia

Not only did Slash help us build an award winning eKYC solution for Clik, but they have become trusted long-term tech partners and friends. It just made sense to bring them officially onboard as advisors.
Matthew Tippets, CEO of Clik

Founded - 2016

HQ - Cambodia

Employees - less than 50

Project - 2017-2018

Clik provides a unified platform for all payments in emerging markets in ASEAN, starting in Cambodia. It offers merchants and consumers a seamless payment experience online and offline, and helps merchants with data-driven tools for micro-targeting, loyalty cash-back schemes and credit.

Clik is run by seasoned global banking and hedge fund professionals looking to bring state-of-the-art contactless payment and loyalty technology to help merchants in emerging markets.

Its core payment technology is supported by strategic global partners such as OpenWay and MyPINPAD, and includes secure multi-factor authentication for unsecured touchscreen devices, payment aggregation, mobile POS (mPOS) and contactless SoftPOS

Post Image Clik

Clik needed an eKYC solution for onboarding users in a fully digital process that is simple, swift and safe. The eKYC had to meet banking grade encryption standards, integrate AML systems and world-leading facial verification software.

Project Highlights

  • The eKYC scope included face and ID matching, automated ID data extraction, validating visible security features (such as holograms), integrating facial recognition and live-motion capture to validate liveness, and techniques to verify any signs of tampering.
  • The solution had to be optimized for Cambodian user identification documents and Khmer script. No proper OCR libraries existed for Khmer script and this required complex customization.
  • We integrated the solution into the AWS and Oracle infrastructure of Clik, and in a middleware, to enable Clik to embed it in their user app and back-office.
  • Slash built the custom eKYC solution using a mix of Machine Learning algorithms, and OCR techniques to ensure higher accuracy.
  • In 2019, our eKYC solution was recognized at the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards by awarding Clik the “Best AI and Machine Learning Startup”. Not too shabby!
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