Covid vs Wellness

In life, our health is something we hold dear, for without it, a vast array of maladies may befall us. COMO Shambhala understands this well, as it is at the core of the COMO brand. Providing an experience focused on wellness for body, mind, and soul is what they excel at delivering. Unfortunately, COVID threw a Titanic-sized monkey wrench into that offering.

Though the opportunity is often presented when we least expect it, if you manage to see and capture it, you can have a chance at lightning in a bottle. COMO Shambhala did just that as they set out to create a wellness companion & concierge app when visiting their hotels.

Wellness wherever you go

The journey began with the Slash design team digging into the core concepts of what COMO Shambhala wanted the app to be and the value it would deliver to users. The idea centered on a new approach of bringing their premium wellness content to clients wherever they are located rather than just at the hotels.

The product needed to be intuitive and tailored to each user, so the team tactfully placed subtle AI recommendations into the system. This created a blend of wellness content tailored precisely to each user’s needs and preferences. This design led to successful development of the wellness app with a back office to support it and an initial freemium monetization strategy.

Explore premium monetization

Following a successful product launch, the monetization strategy was adjusted from freemium to a premium model. The idea was to package the product into an exclusive experience where a subscription would be necessary. Although this had the potential for greater monetization, the team still needed to figure out how to increase the user base in order to continuously improve the delivered experience.

Users make the product

Soon after, that new strategy brought its shares of challenges. Indeed since the app was new and there were few other marketing oriented features to support it, the subscription model created a significant barrier for new user onboarding. A decision had to be made, and without a proper response, it threatened to derail a premium flagship digital product with genuine user value that the brand did not want to lose.

Metrics to success

Slash jumped in to assist, helping COMO Shambhala analyze their user metrics. It was indeed identified that the onboarding (registration + paywall) was proving to be too big of a barrier for many users to overcome, mostly because they didn’t know what they were registering to or buying. As a result, user cost of acquisition remained very high. The data provided the needed information to formulate a path forward that would lead to where growth was.

Users feel the love

After thoroughly understanding the issue, COMO Shambhala and the Slash team had been working on a course correction. The way forward was to revert back to a freemium monetization approach with some optimizations, but also to develop further back-office and marketing tools, directly integrated into the system.

Currently in the making, this will allow COMO Shambhala to launch large, wide-reaching campaigns that will be very effective at achieving the needed user growth such a fantastic digital wellness product deserves.

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COMO Shambhala, Singapore
2021 - ongoing
Leveraging AI to make a custom digitally-assisted wellness experience

Vision definition & validation, High-level specs, User experience design, Mobile & Web app, Interface and interaction design, AI creation and integration

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