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Digitizing Teng Lay’s logistics backoffice

From start to finish, Slash has given us the advice, expertise and confidence we needed to pull off this critical exercise. The team was flexible and supported us in the transition to this new way of working.
Veasna Mao, Commercial Director, Teng Lay

Founded - 1996

HQ - Phnom Penh

Employees - Around 1000

Project - 2019-2020

Teng Lay is the largest transportation company in Cambodia and a logistics conglomerate, providing services across transport & import/export, dry port management and engineering through its offices in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville Autonomous Port.

Since its inception, Teng Lay’s clients worldwide rely on its expertise and operational excellence to offer the best service. Teng Lay is modernizing its operation and moving to digital.

Teng Lay Post Image Success Story Page

Teng Lay needed an enterprise LMS to run their operations from the cloud. After reviewing different existing options, it decided to build their own custom solution optimized to their unique needs. It sought a tech partner that could architect, design and build a secure core logistics management system in the cloud, migrate its existing operation to the cloud and properly integrate it with SAP.

Project Highlights

  • Over a period of 12 months, Slash consulted Teng Lay’s leadership on the best way to achieve their LMS-SAP transformation objectives and transition. We also presented the business case and costing to move to an AWS-powered cloud.
  • We built a custom, modular Logistics Management System (LMS) to enable key parts of the business: quotation, billing & invoicing, clearance expenses, dry port, container flow, trucking, reporting.
  • We connected the custom LMS to SAP.
  • Slash built the web LMS in ReactJS & PHP. We used serverless technology and AWS as cloud infrastructure.
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