Life long dream

The story begins with a small seed being planted in the creative mind of Slash’s CEO and resident product wizard. Marc had the urge to delve head-first into mobile game development, armed mostly with some inspiration and a promising idea. Despite the ambition, he and the Slash team clearly needed to gain experience in the gaming industry. Undeterred and driven by bold confidence, they forged forward.

Off to a great start

Our heroes met with some initial success that led to plenty of pats on the back and “attaboys”. The first success came in the form of raising $100k USD, which they carefully earmarked to be used for the user acquisition strategy. The acquisition was done with the assistance of GMG, Game Marketing Genie, an Australian-based marketing agency specialised in the gaming industry.

Additionally, Slash put together a crack team with new members to the company who brought with them the much needed gaming industry experience. After a mere 6-months, the team was able to launch a solo puzzle version of the game and begin acquiring users.


Naturally, with any story, with success comes setbacks and even failure in some cases. The story of Kuak is no different as the team faced the real struggle of user retention with a paltry 5% on day 1 and 0% on day 2. Those are numbers that will keep you up at night, and the team rushed to release two additional versions aimed at addressing this issue.

The result lifted their spirits back up as day 1 saw as high as 20%, but day 2 rolled around to bring them back down to reality with a crushing near 0% and a viable monetization plan yet to be flushed out.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the user retention rates climb above 30%; it is truly a remarkable feat. To pile on and find that users are actually engaging in in-app purchases was when I knew we had reached cloud nine!



Can’t give up

It is hard to find a path forward when you have been so thoroughly defeated, and had your efforts so readily thrown back at you. Regardless, our product wizard, Marc, steered the team through three full cycles of design thinking to try to pull a rabbit from a hat.

At this point, the user acquisition money had a no more than 4-months of runway left so it was very much a case of “put up or shut up”!

kuak1 Slash

So much learning

We learn from our setbacks at Slash, and intend always to grow and evolve, becoming stronger and outperforming our previous iterations. Working around the clock, pulling together and digging deep, the team released v4 after careful analysis of user behaviors, user interviews and more.

Ultimately the data collected led us to adding key features like PvP, leagues, improved gameplay, more intuitive controls and increased player excitement.

V4 delivered 30% day 1 retention on iOS, and 18% day 3 retention with similar results on Android. The team logged the game’s first in app purchases as well.

Ready to scale

It’s been quite the journey which has brought us to today; the team has persevered and pushed to earn the better position they are currently sitting in. The game has 20k+ downloads across both platforms, our monetization formula continues to evolve to deliver stability, and Slash is preparing for a new round of funding. The future looks bright for the Kuak team as they continue to climb the mountain, reaching new levels of success in the mobile gaming industry.

Don’t be shy, download here and give the little frog a go!

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