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Mobile e-learning platform with live video broadcasting

Slash has done a phenomenal job in helping us turnaround our product in the course of 9 months and supporting us in building our tech team. It’s been a stressful and at times a painful journey, but I couldn’t wish for a better partner. We happily invited Slash into the equity of the company to support us long-term, to benefit from their expertise and always frank advice.
Raanan Nedivi, CEO of Sharelook

Founded - 2016

HQ - Singapore

Employees - 20-50

Project - Ongoing since 2019

Sharelook is founded by Israeli veterans of the global education industry, with previous entrepreneurial exits.

The founding vision is to provide a mobile e-learning platform designed for trainers, teams and organizations with live video broadcasting using the latest technologies, integrated course builders and many other advanced features and analytics.

Post Image Sharelook

In 2019, Sharelook was seeking a new technology partner to take over its initial product and build on top. The challenges were numerous: no proper handover and documentation, limited internal product management and technical oversight, legacy code and system issues, important and urgent commercial milestones that required the app to work.

Project Highlights

  • In the first 6 weeks, Slash deployed a significant team across key technical skill-sets (architect, devops, backend, frontend, mobile) to quickly take-over and own the codebase of this complex system, and resolve the most urgent issues.
  • In a second phase, Slash put in place a scrum workflow to organize the joint Slash-Sharelook project team, and deliver on both urgent and important requirements in 2-week sprints. This included strict scrum rituals and ceremonies. We installed product management practices and empowered an internal Sharelook product owner.
  • As the project matured, we also took a product strategy role to guide the product roadmap and anticipate challenges; as well as support the founders with planning their commercial and team roadmap.
  • When Sharelook was ready to transfer the product and technology ownership, we helped build the team, assessing and onboarding new tech hires.
  • Ultimately, both parties felt it made sense for Slash to take an equity position in Sharelook to continue supporting the journey as advisor and next-in-line product & tech team.
  • The backend is built on NodeJS, mobile app on React Native, and infrastructure on AWS serverless technology, with integrations into various broadcast-quality live streaming engines including Wowza and Vimeo.
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