Multi-year scrum team to support AXA’s Digital Innovation in APAC • Slash

Multi-year scrum team to support AXA’s Digital Innovation in APAC

Since 2016, Slash has been a trusted and dependable long-term partner to develop our digital innovation initiatives at AXA.
Tomasz Kurczyk, Chief Transformation and Digital Officer at AXA

Founded - 1816

HQ - France

Employees - 100,000+

Project - since 2016

AXA Insurance is one of the world’s largest insurance companies and at the forefront of reinventing the insurance industry for a digital age.

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With a strong presence in Asia, AXA’s digital innovation team is constantly developing new solutions to streamline existing products and processes, and to build new models.

AXA has been partnering with Slash since its inception in 2016 to develop a variety of software solutions.

Project Highlights

  • Over the last 4.5 years, Slash has built over a dozen different applications and solutions, ranging from specific tools or utilities, to core DevOps and payment infrastructure, and client-facing applications.
  • At any given point, AXA retains a team of 5-8 developers and product owners.
  • Our team acts as a true extension of the AXA team with daily standups, bi-weekly sprints and retrospectives. We fully integrate into AXA’s workflow, using AXA laptops, VPN and tools, and pair up with AXA developers and product owners.
  • We use whatever technology is necessary for the job. Our main tech stack is Javascript based and AWS. For some specific applications, we used C++.
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