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On-demand laundry and fleet management

We needed a practical, cost-effective solution that could be deployed quickly. Slash successfully built a bespoke customer application and helped us every step on the way to adopt it.
Zhongyu Luo, Managing Director of FTLOL

Founded - 2011

HQ - Singapore

Employees - less than 50

Project - 2019

For the Love of Laundry (FTLOL) is the only company in Singapore to clean purely with GreenEarth, a toxin-free technology that is better for people, clothes and the environment.

FTLOL provides a reliable laundry service with on-demand pick-up and delivery for working professionals and companies who do not have time to drop off or pick up their laundry. It does this while ensuring top-notch quality with eco-friendly technology.

Post Image Ftlol

FTLOL wanted a digital system to better serve their customers, reach out to new customers and optimize the routes for their growing fleet of drivers across Singapore. The solution also needed to integrate and speak to their existing POS and accounting system to support the back-office fulfillment and administration.

Project Highlights

  • We built, integrated and deployed the solution in 4 short phases and supported the FTLOL customer experience team to transition to the new way of working.
  • The solution included a mobile app for customers to place their laundry service orders, pay, receive an invoice, and keep track of their laundry status and driver status.
  • The back-office for FTLOL staff included the ability to manage transactions from order and pick up, to billing and delivery. We integrated OnFleet to optimize the route for drivers.
  • Slash built the mobile app in React Native, the web back-office in ReactJS. The backend was built on NodeJS. We used AWS as infrastructure.
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