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Reimagining the digital program for executive education

As a business school, we need to develop new ways to engage and deliver education through digital services. By partnering with entrepreneurs like Slash and ASA, we can leapfrog this journey for IMD.
Jean-Francois Manzoni, President of IMD Business School

Founded - 1990

HQ - Lausanne, Switzerland

Employees - 150

Project - Ongoing since 2018

IMD Business School (IMD) is one of the world’s leading business schools. IMD specializes in executive education, including MBA and Executive MBA programs, and delivers this through one integrated multidisciplinary faculty on campus in Switzerland or at the client sites.

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To extend the reach of its on-campus programs in Switzerland, IMD has sought to create a digital program experience to bring together students, faculty and on-demand experts into an online learning space to accelerate the acquisition of know-how.

IMD partnered with ASA and Slash in a joint venture, Augmented Tribe, to tackle this problem and commercialize it as a licensed SaaS solution.

Augmented Tribe is led by ASA and Slash is the product & tech partner. The platform is organized around learning spaces. Each learning space can easily be created, structured around curriculums or workflows, with activities and collaboration build-in.

Project Highlights

  • Slash was the first investor into Augmented Tribe and took the concept from idea to MVP 1, to enable the CEO of Augmented Tribe to close the strategic partnership with IMD, all in a time-span of 6 months.
  • We worked closely with the CEO of Augmented Tribe to shape the strategy and business plan, financial roadmap, funding and capitalization table. As one of the main shareholders, Slash sits on the board of directors for Augmented Tribe.
  • We are the product and tech team behind Augmented Tribe. We have iteratively built and tested 3 MVPs with enterprise clients to validate the SaaS solution, UX and pricing.
  • Augmented Tribe is in public beta now and growing! The target customers are executive programs held by schools, digital transformation programs for corporates, (online) hackathons and innovation programs.
  • The mobile app is built on React Native, backend on NodeJS and infrastructure on AWS. Some of the AI algorithms in Python.
  • In 2019, Augmented Tribe made it to the Top 100 startups at Slingshot, out of 2100 applications. Slingshot is an Asian deep tech startup competition held annually in Singapore.
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