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Support Southeast Asian Startups during COVID-19

Thank you Slash for your awesome work and effort on this initiative. It has been a great time and the output was well received by the community.
Ian Sikora, Director, Openspace Venture

A coalition of venture capitalists in Singapore (Openspace Ventures, 500 Startups, Cocoon Capital) started a ground-up movement to support the startups during COVID-19.

In this time of uncertainty, the biggest power consumers and businesses have is with their wallet. Support Startups provides a single website where startups across Southeast Asia can release their promotional activities and discount codes for customers looking to help buoy the companies they think can use it the most.

Project Highlights

  • Slash leveraged an initial design from Openspace Ventures, improved the design and developed the website within 48h for the initial Singapore release and press campaign.
  • Later adjustments were made to enable country-specific website instances for Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, based on visitor’s geo location.
  • The backend is built on a headless WordPress implementation with the frontend on ReactJS, infrastructure on AWS using serverless technology.
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