Software Development Best Practices

Behind every successful software house, there are software development best practices that developers follow. But since they could be many, it is impossible to learn and apply each of them. So in this article, we will explain the top 5 development practices you should seek in your tech partner before signing the contract. You will also understand their importance and the difference between old and new practices. 

What is meant by software development best practices?

It is like a ‘to-do’ list of actions to be considered during the software development life cycle.

01 Software Development Best Practices
Software development best practices refer to the rules or guidelines developers follow to get the finest outcome.  Following them assures your digital product comes out clean, simple, and highly engaging. 

Modern software development best practices vs the old method

So how does software development work with new practices? And what is the old method that is now losing its charm? The answer is the agile approach in the face of the waterfall method. 

  • Agile Software Development A Gateway for Software Development Best Practices, Agile software development is the new best software development method that leads to successful outcomes. This approach is perfect for creating fast and dynamic solutions. The process requires multiple teams and individuals working together to develop a product that fits your business goals. Their collective analysis and efforts help implement software development best practices. And their collaboration enables them to identify problems during the iteration and development stages quickly. This saves time and effort and brings a solid digital product into the market with heart-winning features your customers love to use.

02 Software Development Best Practices

  • The Waterfall Approach Once, the waterfall approach was a part of best practices, but things changed over time as agile principles took over this method. In waterfall, software development engineers take the development process step-by-step. In other words, this method blocks them from moving to the next phase until they get results from the previous stage. Therefore, the waterfall method slows down the cycle of software development, and teams are unable to make sudden changes. Although this approach is still under practice by new software development firms, renowned companies always go for agile development.

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Why should you consider software development best practices?

By following software development best practices leads to improved code quality.

03 Software Development Best Practices

There are 3 main reasons why you should consider implementing best practices in your software development process.

High-quality deliveries through software development best practices

A software development company that implements best practices produces higher-quality digital products. It allows them to develop scalable and secure solutions, and as a result, they have more satisfied clients. 

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Software Development Best Practices Ensure Timely Project Completion

Following best practices for product building may look like a lengthy process, but it really speeds things up. Since every developer is aware of the guidelines, pair programming becomes easier. Consequently, they are able to deliver digital products on time. 

Reduced maintenance cost with software development best practices

Uncomplex coding and development practices in the software world can save 40% of the developers’ time. Moreover, the product they are working on becomes easy to optimize, eliminating high maintenance costs.

A website or application built using the proper guidelines is simple to update or amend anytime and through any software development company. However, the partner you choose for building your dream product must be aware of the codebase. 

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5 Important checklist for software development best practices

This part of the article will tell you about the 5 ways how to apply those practices to your next digital solution.

04 Software Development Best Practices
So if your chosen company uses these software development methodologies, you have picked the right people for the job.

Keep the code as simple as possible

Code simplicity is a term coined by Max Kanat-Alexander, an author of two books and currently working as a principal software engineer for LinkedIn. It refers to programming a solution with the most basic coding.
Next, follow the ‘DRY’ principle, which stands for ‘don’t repeat yourself.’ It means your software development should have the least pattern and coding repetition.

And finally, your custom software development company should bring YAGNI to life. It means the development team only add features when they are actually required.
Keeping the code simple during the entire software development lifecycle is one of the first best practices. It makes the product durable and reliable and narrows the room for errors.

Progress documentation

Progress documentation from start to finish is one of the software development best practices your offshore or nearshore development company should follow. Proper documentation helps:

  • The development team remember the goals for building your product
  • Makes your applications more user-centric
  • Keep a coding record to be used for future modifications

End-to-end testing with the right tools

End-to-end testing means examining the product from different perspectives before launching it. This is one important part of the agile software development life cycle where you focus on the following:

  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

Test Driven Development allows developers to review code quality. It helps them determine whether or not all components and features of an app, website, or any software are synced as expected. On the other hand, Behavior Driven Development permits engineers to code features after understanding users’ needs.

Software development best practices without TDD and BDD can put the client’s project at great risk. Similarly, your developers should use the right technology stack and tools for software creation. For instance, if your app is Windows-based, your tech vendor should utilize the Windows software development kit to create the product.

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Maintain coding standards

Coding must be done in a similar style so everything is clear at all development stages.
For instance, if two programmers are coding your app, and one has fallen sick with an unfinished file. The second developer should be able to continue working on the absentee’s work without any trouble. These software development best practices increase development speed and make the product simple to update later.

Setting up realistic estimation

One of the unavoidable software development best practices is planning the ideation, development, and launching period realistically. But this can only happen when developers fully understand the scope of work.
Remember, bad budgeting and estimation are negative for software quality and results. There should be an open discussion between the client and the software company without hidden policies. 


Software development best practices can change the fate of any digital product. So when looking for a technology partnership, ensure the company has a simple coding policy with complete documentation. Also, they should assure you of full integration testing, have uniformity in coding, and have a realistic approach towards development.

At Slash, we treat every project with the agile methodology. Our company scouts the cream of software engineers capable of developing complex solutions through simple coding. We plan, execute, and deliver on-time projects after multiple iterations and prototypes. Contact us to build your next big digital product through software development best practices. 


FAQs – Software development

What are the 7 software development methodologies? The seven software development methodologies are planning, research, design, development, feature testing, execution, and maintenance. 

What are the best practices for a developer? KISS, YAGNI, and DRY are the best practices for any developer. 

Why are best practices important in software development? The main reason for software development best practices is to write codes which are easy to modify or change in the future. 

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